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Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Party Games Part 2

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Halloween Party Games

This is part 2 of my list of Halloween Party Games that we like to play at our party each year. If you would like to read post 1, you can find it HERE.

All of the games have been modified so everyone can play together without the bigger kids hurting or leaving the smaller kids out. Most games require a time limit, so we download Halloween songs and play those. When the music stops, the round or game is over.

Acorn Bucket Fill
Divide players into 2 teams. Place a lot of acorns in a bowl. Using a spoon or other object that makes holding acorns difficult, like these Halloween Skeleton Hand & Arm Tongs, have each player get a spoonful, then race to a bucket to dump their acorns into. If any fall off the spoon, they are not allowed to pick them up. When the music stops, the team with the most in their bucket are the winners.

Halloween Game

Cotton Ball Scoop
This is the same idea as the acorn bucket fill game, only using cotton balls. Make sure your cotton balls are separated or some will get an unfair advantage.

Halloween Game

Halloween Game

Halloween Game

Water Bottle Bean Bag Toss
With this game I just spray painted some water bottles black. I put a little rice in the bottom of each to keep them from tumbling over on their own. I made some bean bags out of Halloween fabric. Children throw the bean bags at the bottles. Whoever knocks the most over wins.

Halloween Games

Candy Corn Drop
Have children stand on a step stool. Place a 2 liter bottle in front of them. Give them candy corns. Children must try to drop the candy corns through the opening of the bottle. Whoever has the most when the music stops is the winner *this could get frustrating for younger players, so cutting their opening a bit bigger is ok*

Pumpkin Pop 

Pumpkin Balloons (store bought or orange where you can draw on your own pumpkin face) are tied to each kid's ankle with a string. They have to try to pop each others balloon by stomping on it. The last player with an inflated balloon still tied to their ankle wins.

Pumpkin Roll  
Divide kids into 2 teams. Each team gets a pumpkin, roughly the size of a head- evenly round so it rolls well. Set a cone a few yards away. Have the children take turns rolling the pumpkin from the start line, around the cone, then back to the start line. The team that has the last member across the line wins.

Halloween Game

Pumpkin Relay Race 
Divide kids into 2 teams. Position them an even amount of feet apart and around an object, like a house or just around the outskirts of the yard. Give the person in position 1 a mini pumpkin. Have them race to person in position 2 to pass the pumpkin off to them, and so on, until the last child has the pumpkin and passes the finish line. The team with the first child across wins.

Good Old Fashion PiƱata
I don’t put candy in our goodies bags since I figure the kids are getting enough sweets over the next few weeks. However, I don’t think any party is complete without a Halloween Pinata!

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Halloween Bingo
This one is pretty self explanatory :)  A quick Google search will get you a ton of free printable Bingo cards, or if you are feeling creative, make some up yourself!

Skeleton Dice Roll
I found these plastic skeletons at the dollar store. They are not assembled. Using dice, players must try to roll the skeleton back together. Roll 1 get a head, roll 2 get a hand, ect. The team that completes their skeleton first wins.

Halloween Game

Wood Craft Surface Coloring

We found some wooden face masks and door hangers at Michael's for $1 each. When it was time to start winding down a bit, we broke them out with a few paint pens and Sharpie markers. It keeps the kids busy while setting up new games or to give the parents a little quiet time ;)

Cookie Decorating

Make some cut out sugar cookies in Halloween shapes. Then let the kids chose 2 or 3 each they would like to decorate. Then break out the frosting, sprinkles, gel decorators icing, candy corns, and anything else you can think of that kids would love to put on their cookies. Kids LOVE to get creative, and this is one activity they can make one of a kind, then enjoy the sweet reward at the end!

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Pumpkin Decorating
I conclude every Halloween Party with pumpkin decorating. This has been the highlight of the party every year. The kids love to get creative and deck their pumpkins out. Here are some items we use that help them dress up their pumpkins:

Paint Pens *I recommend these over traditional paints. Paint Pens dry very quickly, so the kids aren’t leaving with wet paint pumpkins that will get all over the kids, the cars or ruin on the way home.*
Black Yarn
Pom Poms
Googly Eyes
Glitter *be warned, kids LOVE glitter! Your floors will shine for days if you choose to break out the glitter!*
Tacky Glue *Have enough on hand for each child. Michael’s sells the small 3 packs for around $2.50 each*
Witches Hats *You can find my tutorial for these HERE*
Candy- like m&m’s, twizzlers, gummy savers, ect.
Foam cutouts. Again, Michael’s sells big packs of small size foam cutouts your kids will love to plaster on their pumpkins!


  1. Your parties must be such a big hit with everyone! How fun :))) You have such great ideas for games, decorating, food etc.

    1. Thanks Paula! I am glad I take pictures though because it is exhausting throwing them. I am running around so much I forget to stop and just enjoy it sometimes!

  2. Oh my...even MORE fabulous Halloween party games!! When did you say your party was again this year? And what was your address?? ;) hahaha. These are perfect for such a wide variety of ages...that's what I love the most about them! Thanks for sharing more awesome ideas :)

    1. Yes, that's it for this year :) I've already got more ideas brewing for next year though :P I wish you lived closer. I would love to have Cameron and Emma come to the party. I would have them completely pooped by the time they went home lol.

  3. I was just thinking what Brandi wrote...what time is the party and when shall we be there?? Everything looks awesome! I love the games, and the pinata, and the pumpkin decorating idea is the BEST! I bet the kiddos love taking them home to show off to their family.

  4. My boys would LOVE the bean bag toss. Great game suggestions!

  5. Very great family fun cute.

  6. Happy Weekend Theresa!! Thanks for linking this post up with my blog party :)) I'm so behind on commenting and what I normally do on the weekend. And Monday already tomorrow.

  7. This is a great collection of ideas! You must have such a fabulous halloween party :)

  8. Looks like you're having so much fun! I love the skeleton dice roll and it comes in pink too :)

  9. Your Halloween party must be such a fun event Theresa! You are all going to have a good time.

  10. What fun parties you have! I bet the kids have a hoot at your house with all these games! :)

    1. They do! I've had parents call me the next day to tell me I wore their kids out so much they slept in the next day. (These are kids who never sleep in!) lol

  11. Awww thanks for sharing these entertaining halloween games. Of all games, Bingo and Mummy Wrap are some of our favorites.

    Since Halloween is almost, you may want to check out my own list of Halloween party games that you may add up to your list too...

    I hope all enjoy the holiday as much as I do...

    Cheers and happy Halloween!
    ~ Lyn


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