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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Party Games Part 1

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Have I told you that I LOVE parties? Did I also tell you that I LOVE Halloween too? So what could be better than throwing a Halloween party? We are coming up on our 4th annual Halloween Party next weekend and I have been busy narrowing down party games. I have so many ideas each year, but there just aren't enough hours in the night to play them all. So, I thought I would share with you the games that have been proven to be successful year after year here. I am going to split this list in 2, so be sure to come back tomorrow for more fun game ideas!  

I have children ranging from ages 2 to 14 in attendance, so the games have all been modified so everyone can play together without the bigger kids hurting or leaving the smaller kids out. Most games require a time limit, so we download Halloween songs and play those. When the music stops, the round or game is over.

Halloween Party Games

*Be sure to check out part 2 of the Halloween Party Games HERE*

Sand Dig

I use those big black Halloween cauldrons and fill them with sand. Making colored sand in black and orange makes this game even more festive! You can find how to make your own HERE. Place a lot of objects in each bucket. I use spider rings, plastic snakes and roaches, pumpkin erasers, ect. Anything Halloween related works. The kids with the black sand must each find a black spider, and the kids with the orange sand each have to find an orange spider. The team where each player finds their respective colored spider wins. I use pumpkin scoopers for the little shovels to make it a little more festive.

Witch Hat Ring Toss
This is ring toss, only make it festive by using witches hats for the rings to go around. *You can find these at the dollar store* Make it more fun by using glow necklaces for the rings!

Pass The Pumpkin
This is kind of a version of musical chairs. Have players sit in a circle. Each player gets a mini pumpkin. *Actually, we use other things like leaves, acorns, gourds and such. Pretty much anything fall related* If you have 10 kids, 9 kids will get a pumpkin. Start the music. When the music stops, the one left with no pumpkin is out. Remove player and 1 pumpkin after each round until the last one with a pumpkin is left.

Halloween Game

Halloween Game

Straw Paper Pick Up
Print off a lot of 1 Halloween character. I use skeletons. Make them so you can cut them into squares, with skeletons on each square. Give each child a straw. Children must suck up as many squares of paper as they can before the music runs out. Whoever has the most at the end wins.

Spooky Circle
This is also like musical chairs, but I use cutouts I bought at the card party store. I place Halloween characters (witch, bat, ghost, spiders, ect) on the ground. Have one for each player. When the music starts children go round the circle. When it stops they must find a character to stand on. Pull a name from the hat and whoever is on that name is out. (Say you pull the bat name. The child on the bat is out. They must exit the circle taking the bat with them.) Continue until there is one player standing.

Kids, Spooky Circle, holiday, all ages
Sorry for the cruddy picture quality. It's the only one I had of this game though :( You still get the idea!

Pin The Nose On The Pumpkin
Either cut out a pumpkin face or find a pumpkin cutout at the dollar store or paper party store. Using construction paper, cut noses out that will fit on the pumpkin face. Have each child write his or her name on their nose, put tape on the back, blindfold the children and let them see where the nose lands.

Halloween Game
Halloween Game

Candy Necklaces
For those who want to add craftiness in their festivities, Walmart and Michael’s sell candy necklace kids. You get 8 necklaces in a kit for about $4.

Halloween Game

Trick or Treat Punchout

Use old box and cut out cup sized circles on the front. Cover the holes with black and orange tissue paper. Next, fill plastic cups with tiny prizes, like mini candy bars, temporary tattoos, nail polish, stickers, ect. *This is called trick or treat punchout, so we made sure not every prize was something special. There had to be a few tricks too, so we filled a few of the cups with leaves, acorns or rocks. This might not go over well with little guests, so make sure you leave a few extra cups open so they can get another shot at a good prize.

Mummy Wrap
Divide children into 2 groups. Find 2 like size people who will stand in as the mummy. The other players use rolls of toilet paper to wrap around the mummies. The team who uses their rolls of toilet paper first win.

Halloween Game
Who Doesn't like to Tee Pee Dad?

Happy Halloween! 


  1. Your Halloween party is going to be a lot of fun! Those games for the children are really interesting. Enjoy the rest of your day Theresa.

  2. I've never had a Halloween party but I've always thought it would be fun. Maybe next year when the little one is a little older. These are some awesome ideas!! Actually I know she would love the sand dig now!

  3. what a great mom you are!! looks like so much fun :)

  4. Oooooo these are such AWESOME ideas for Halloween party games! You are definitely the queen of party planning. I wish I could come to your parties lol...they look so fun! :) I really like the Sand Dig and Spooky creative!

  5. Where were you when my kids were small?

  6. Were you a teacher in a different life? :) These are great ideas. And like I said, or meant to say on the other post, but I think I typed it wrong, Where do we come, and what time shall we be there? :D

    Really, these are great. The sand cauldrons would be a huge hit w/my little one who likes creepy crawlies (and sand). :)


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