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Friday, December 30, 2011

Sweet Treats- Make Your Own Doll Food!

My daughters received a few American Girl Dolls that their cousins outgrew a few years ago. They were super thrilled and immediately started badgering me for the accessories, mostly play food. We got online to start pricing these things, and I was shocked at how much they were charging for doll food! Thankfully I had just read an article in Family Fun or one of those similar magazines on how to make your own doll food. While I took a ceramics class in high school and played with clay a bit way back then, I am no artist when it comes to creating things out of clay from scratch! However, I did find that once you get the hang of twisting and shaping the clay, it's actually pretty easy! Here is a tutorial on making a few sweet treats of your own. Mine aren't perfect, by my kids don't seem to mind. They actually take all the food we made together and show it off to their friends!

What you will need:

Polymer Clay in assorted colors
A damp paper towel
Wooden Bamboo Skewer

First we went to Michael's Craft store and bought an assortment of 2oz polymer clay packets. They carry serveral different brands from Sculpy to Premo, but I don't think brand matters.

These usually retail for about $2 each, but they are often on sale. I just got these for $1.25 each.

First we will start with a lollypop. Break off a small chunk of the clay in the color of your choosing. Squeeze and roll it between your palms for a few minuites to get it warmed up and ready to be molded. Once it's pliant, roll it between your palms to get a strand about 8 inches long. Repeat this process with a seperate color of your choosing.

Next, wrap the two colors around each other, pinching the ends together once you are done. Roll the strand between your palms or a flat surface until the two pieces have molded together and there are no cracks or spaces between the colors.

Lay the strand on a flat surface and curl it around, pressing the end of the rope together where it meets the curl.

I broke off a small bit of wooden bamboo skewer and inserted it into the base of the lollipop.

If you see any cracks of finger prints, gently rub the damp paper towel over it until it blends to a smooth finish.

Now we will make a doughnut. Break off a small chunck of the clay in donut color of your choosing. Roll the clay into a tight ball, about 1 inch in diameter.

Next, poke a hole through the center of the ball. (I just used the skewer). Insert your finger into the center of the ball, pinching and shaping the ball with your finger and thumb until it is donut shaped. You will have to press down on the top of the ball to flaten it also.

Break off another tiny bit of another color of your choosing for the frosting. Roll it into a small ball, then flatten it with your fingers until it is very thin. Pull the edges out around the flattened bit to make it more like a frosting shape. Lay your frosting over the doughtnut and press gently to have the 2 pieces stick together. Poke a hole through the center of your frosting and press excess frosting to the insides of the doughnut. Repeat with the outer layers. *You can also top with different color sprinkles for a decorated look*

For an ice cream cone, break off some brown clay and shape into a cone base, about 1 1/2 inches in length. If you feel creative, draw some lines through the cone to make it have a waffle cone appearance.

Roll another colored clay ball, about an inch in diameter. Scoop out a small section on the top of the cone for your ice cream ball to sit. Gently press together. Repeat with as many different colored scoops as you like. Top with a small cherry.

To make peanut butter cookies, roll a small tan colored ball of clay about an inch in diameter. Flatten to cookie shape on a flat surface. Using a rounded tool (Again, I just used the leftover skewer) press lines into the top of the cookie.

Finally, we'll make a candy cane. Repeat the first 3 steps as you did with the lollipop, using red and white clay. *The red clay bleeds onto hands very easy, so I would shape the white strand first!* Bend top to shape into a candycane.

Now, place all your candy onto a cookie sheet. Bake in a preheated oven at 225 degrees for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do not over bake or you will get scorch marks on your candy. It can also cause cracks. Remove from oven and let cool. I usually don't let the kids play with them until the next day when I know they are fully set and hardend.

*Note* Any kitchen items used while making your clay projects should no longer be used in cooking with real human food. The clay leaves a residue on the surface of these items.


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  2. you should make breakfast foods and or lunch foods so they can have a treat after

  3. I think you should make lunch foods so they can have a lollypop after haha

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