Theresa's Mixed Nuts: Are your kids tired of their holiday toys already? Mine too!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Are your kids tired of their holiday toys already? Mine too!

As an early New Years Resolution, I have decided the finally print off all my digital photos. I am the WORST at taking them, but I never get around to printing them off. I have years worth stored on my computer, always intending to get around to them, never really doing it though. I figured with all the photo printing deals that come around after Christmas, this is the time to get them done and save money while doing it. As I was sorting through the pictures, one theme kept popping up that grabbed my attention. My kid’s love of boxes and baskets. It seems year after year, this is one plaything that never seems to go out of style and the kids never get bored with it.

Even the dogs have more fun with the boxes than their toys! Below Rocky is like "What????" when I told him to get out of my laundry basket!

This here is Adrian who dumped all her toys out to play with her toy bucket on the stairs.

I could have been saving so much money over the years if I had only realized this sooner. You can get boxes free all over town! But, since the kids do like to open real presents, next year I will remember to throw out the toys and save the boxes.

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