Theresa's Mixed Nuts: Pecan Glazed Salmon for the Holidays

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Pecan Glazed Salmon for the Holidays

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First thing's first. Can we take a minute to wish my lovely husband a happy birthday? He's the big 4-0 today! While he isn't one to comment here, he does read the comments you all leave on my posts. Sometimes he'll even talk about you all like he knows you ;) Since Allison's birthday will follow his on Saturday, then mine on Wednesday, Jason and I don't do cakes for our own day. Coupled with all of the baked goodies we get from family and friends during the holiday season, it's just too many sweets if either of us add in a cake to commemorate our birthdays too. However, we do have a special dinner to celebrate, and I thought I'd either make Jason fish tacos (something he has been asking me to make him for a really long time) or this Pecan Glazed Salmon recipe that I grabbed off of Golden Blossom Honey.

Even if you don't have a birthday this month, this is still a great seasonal recipe to add to your dinner menu. Especially since we're all scaling back on family gatherings, if you're keeping it small, opt out of the traditional ham or roast and serve this salmon dish instead. It's super easy to prepare, so if you're swamped with last minute Christmas chores like I am (I haven't even finished shopping and don't get me started on the mess I make of wrapping gifts well past midnight on the 24th), you'll appreciate the ease and convenience this dish lends to reducing stress that comes with the season.


1/3 cup butter
1 tablespoon orange zest
1 cup pecans, chopped and toasted
4 salmon fillets (6 ounces each)

You can find this recipe, as well as many more delicious recipes right on the Golden Blossom Honey recipe page! Be sure to follow Golden Blossom Honey on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on new products and promotions.

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Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? What last minute holiday chores do you still have to knock off of your list?


  1. Honeyed salmon, it looks so tasty! I'm checking the recipe on Golden Blossom Honey's page~

  2. I bet he talks about me LOL Happiest of birthdays to my favourite brother in law, we do ever so love you for taking care of our dearest sister and for being such a nice bloke! Hope Theresa gives you some sweet luvin' tonight! If my goodie box arrives there soon, tell her to give you half of the sweets in it :) Happy birthday to Lady Allyzabeth as well! I think I've stuffed some chocolate bananas in it for her too :)

  3. I’m finished except for the food shopping. There will only be 5 of us on Xmas day, but we are still going to make all our traditional foods with a few newbies thrown in.

    Happy Birthday to all of you! I hope you have a wonderful holiday together.

  4. Happy birthday, Jason!! Here's to many more years of health and happiness. :)

    That fish looks amazing! One thing I can get behind is a sweet salmon recipe. Looks so yum. I have a piece of salmon in the freezer that I've been meaning to thaw and must give this a try.

  5. Soooooooooo now you have finally revealed the true reason for you blogging. It's so Jason can quietly stalk all your commenters and get his stalker fix so he doesn't go after anyone is real life. Geez, the things you have to do to keep a marriage working. Is serving him fish a reminder to only stalk bloggers or he'll be sleeping with them?

    Happy big 40 to him!

    And geez, you aren't done wrapping yet?

  6. Travis went to HyVee today. His boss gave us a gift card to there. We got stuff, for soup, crackers, cheese, and shrimp.

    The salmon does look good.

  7. Happy Birthday to you all!! I think I've told you that my DILs fave is salmon. She'd really enjoy this, and I love that you put oranges as a side! Dish looks very elegant!

  8. love of my favorite fish...
    Thank you for sharing your recipe.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  9. I love Salmon. This sounds great. I have all the holiday shopping done.

  10. A Merry Merry To You And A Happy Happy To Him - What A Joyous Occasion - Happy Holidays To You Two Kids - Enjoy The Family Time - Sending Positive Vibes


  11. I've never heard of salmon being cooked like that but it sure sounds delicious.


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