Theresa's Mixed Nuts: Pumpkin Seeds, Please!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Pumpkin Seeds, Please!

This election, y'all. I don't know about you, but I've been glued to the news and watching the polls for hours and really need a little distraction today. What better way to distract everyone than with some cute squirrel pics? We don't normally carve our pumpkins simply because I hate doing it, but we do like to scoop the seeds out after Halloween for roasting. Unfortunately, this fat little bugger decided to beat us to the punch this year by helping himself to the pumpkins I had sitting on our porch. 

"Don't mind me. Nothing to see here. Move along, please!"

Like Pooh Bear with honey, this guy couldn't resist digging in.

When he realized he was caught in the act, I got a "So? What are you going to do about it?" look. LOL!

Thankfully I was able to snag a few extra pumpkins from my aunt's farm last week, so we were happy to share with this little chunk. 

Pumpkins... do you carve or not for Halloween?


  1. So cute! I don't what is cuter, the rodent or your mums! We have big white ones and burgundy purple ones, and some multicoloured ones too, and rosy ones this year. I'm surprised your canine beasts did not have a run at the squirrel.

    Yes, I expected to hear election news this morning and was met with silence. I predict democrats will declare victory after rigging the elections just to throw Trumpie down, but hope he fights back, the world needs another peaceful four years with Trump, not democrats and their bloody wars around the planet, we have no more blood to give to those bloodthirsty villains, they've sucked us out dry.

    1. This is the first year that I really paid attention to how the vote process works. Look up New York and how we voted, yet it was declared for Biden with less than 39% of the votes tallied. I don't know if I'd vote again since it clearly doesn't count for squat! Long Island's vote doesn't count despite having a large enough population to be the fourth most populated state in the US if it stood alone. Votes aren't a true one for one figure. It's a weighted average making Manhattan the deciding factor. This is true for all states except for Maine and Nebraska (I think). It's not so much conspiracy as it is a horribly broken system that people don't seem to fix because it benefits them.

  2. I hate carving pumpkins as well. It’s nice to have them around as decor until after Thanksgiving. Your mums are gorgeous and that squirrel is too funny. We have never had that happen, but the deer often eat the pumpkins here.

  3. Hi dear Theresa how are you doing ?? You always have the most beautiful pictures !!Hope you areenjoying your Fall, I love it. Send you hugs and love!!

  4. lol he sure didn't care that he was being watched. Can't neglect an all you can eat buffet I guess.

  5. I'm in love with your display of mums! We get mums every year, except this one. We ran out of time with the 32135467813 new responsibilities this year with COVID and homeschooling. LOL I saw a few posts of pumpkin bird feeders. I guess pumpkins are a wildlife hit. :) Ugh to the election!! I'm trying to ignore, but I'm very nervous of what's to come. The last time we had the riots, I was afraid to even leave the house. The one time we did, we found our local stores all boarded up so that they wouldn't fall victim to them. Thanks for the momentary distraction!

  6. Wow! Wonderful photos!

  7. Look at your seasonal posies. They look so good!! Your lil' pumpkin invader is cute as can be. If that was the only pumpkin he wouldn't be, but since you had others... ;) I love this post!

  8. And yes, we carve! I forgot to answer the question. But we didn't this year. First time in decades!!

  9. aww.... beautiful images.... squirrel eating pumpkin seeds look so cute.... love it

  10. How cute and funny! Good captures. I like to eat them, but hate cutting them. Travis grew some. I did cut up 3, but we have more. I made a few pies, crisps, smoothies, and bread. I like the seeds! My skin is actually allergic to pumpkin. It's related to ragweed I guess.


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