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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Randoms From Iceland

I'm going to wrap up my Icelandic adventures today by sharing a few snaps that we took in random places around Iceland. If you're into photography, the whole country is a photographer's dream. I am just an amateur with the camera, but if you know what you're doing behind the lens, you'll have a field day clicking away. I know that I certainly had fun pointing my camera in every direction possible while there! Warning: this post is going to be photo heavy because words really can't describe the beauty of Iceland.

After our visit to the Blue Lagoon, we decided to explore near our hotel for a bit and came upon a beautiful beach where the Grotta Lighthouse sits.
Grotta Lighthouse Iceland
Grotta Lighthouse Iceland
The water was dried up on most of the beach, but it was still quite a picturesque spot for a walk, or just to sit and admire the views.

There's some amazing wildlife that you're going to come across during your travels across the country. Aside from the gorgeous wild horses that Iceland is known for, we also saw many free-roaming sheep and lots of different birds, like this cute little oystercatcher who let me take a few pics of him resting on a rock before flying away.
Iceland Sheep
You'll find lots of charming red roof churches sprinkled across the country.

Red Roof Church IcelandRed Roof Church Iceland
My girls got a kick out of their potty signs. We saw the "no pooping" sign outside of the camping area near Skogafoss and the fancy men's and women's toilet signs on some portable potties outside of the Seljalandsfoss waterfall.
No Pooping Sign
Mariah also thought it was funny coming across a road sign pointing to Hella. Because, you know, Iceland is "hella" cool.
Hella Iceland
The Icelandic countryside though is the real draw. I believe the population of Iceland is only around 350,000, so there's nothing but splendid isolation all around.
Iceland CountrysideIceland CountrysideIceland CountrysideIceland Countryside
Most of our day was spent in fog and drizzle, but that didn't make Iceland any less beautiful. If anything, it shrouded it in a bit of mystery, begging for us to come back some day to spend more time exploring this amazing little country.
Reynisfjara Iceland

What do you think? Is Iceland a place you'd like to visit some day?


  1. I feel like the goat should've been the first photo as the star of this post :) The No pooping sign wouldn't mean much hear, sadly, people would probably poop even more in the nature. The last photo looks like Mists of Avalon!

  2. So gorgeous! I especially love the churches. My son saw a lot of No Pooping signs in China last fall. I guess their plumbing can’t handle it. I picture a nation of constipated people?

    I doubt we will ever make it to Europe because of family dynamics, but my first choices would be Italy, France, and Germany.

  3. awesome views....
    love the nature and wildlife

  4. The views are absolutely beautiful!

  5. nice beautyfull moment foto shoot

  6. I hope to go to Iceland one day, I had thought to go in winter, and visit an ice hotel, but your pictures make me think I should visit in warmer weather!

  7. Yes, I would totally go visit Iceland, although I'm not too sure how long I'd want to stay. Maybe if we did it as a stop on the way to somewhere else or if we did it when the kids got older. The waterfalls and wild horses are enough to make me want to go!

  8. Sure is a spot to take in indeed. Lol i've seen a lot of signs but never a no pooping sign.

  9. If I did visit, I would absolutely be taking pictures left and right too. I enjoyed seeing yours. They are as usual, wonderful!! I'm not sure if I would go. My travel agenda has been shrinking considerably as of late. I've narrowed my list of five bazillion down to about 5 places nationally and abroad that I'd really like to see in the next few years, if possible.

  10. Such pretty scenery! I’d love to visit there. It’s too bad it wasn’t cheaper to travel. Covid gets in the way too. Boo!


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