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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

What We Ate In Ireland

With today being St. Patrick's Day and all, there's no better time to share the amazing grub we chowed down on in Ireland. Our first taste of Irish cuisine was in Dublin in the Temple Bar district. We walked the entire area reading the menus that were posted outside of each restaurant and ultimately settled on The Norseman Pub, where we all got different versions of their pies. I got the Sweet Potato and Feta, Jason got the Beef and Guinness, and the girls both ordered the Chicken and Leek Pie.

 This is also where Mariah had her first "legal" drink. I'll say, she was not a fan of Guinness LOL!

We had breakfast at The Queen of Tarts, a lovely little cafe right around the corner of our Airbnb, also located in the Temple Bar area.

Queen of Tarts

There were so many delicious options to choose from here! Jason ordered the Hearty Irish Breakfast:

Mariah opted for the layered fruit and yogurt parfait:

Allison grabbed a cinnamon roll while I had the Queen's Delight Scone:

There were so many other amazing baked goods and pastries to choose from, so if you just need a grab and go option, pop on inside to check out the tempting treats!

Here in the U.S. we are kind of spoiled with all of the late night dining options, so there were a few days that we really had to hunt down food when we forgot to grab something during normal dinner hours. One night we had stayed until sundown at the Cliffs of Moher, and by the time we left most eateries were closed. We lucked out and came across The Rathbaun Hotel.

Rathbaun Hotel

If you are ever in County Clare, Ireland, please do yourself a favor and eat at the Rathbaun Hotel. It's run by the most charming Irish family who made it a point to stop and make conversation with us during our meal.

The raspberry jam is house made and I was delighted to find that they do bottle and sell it. I made sure to grab some on my way out, and I have to say it was my favorite souvenir from our entire European vacation. I don't remember who ordered what, but everything was incredible! We ordered the Traditional Irish Stew, Rathbaun Vegetable Soup, and Smoked Salmon. And, while it wasn't on the menu, Allison was really wanting noodles, but they were able to accomodate her request with a pasta and cheese plate.

I always pictured Ireland as being filled with restaurants and pubs that all offered live Irish music, but we only came across that at the Rathbaun Hotel. I would have been so disappointed if we had missed out on experiencing it during our road trip through the country, so I was really delighted we stumbled upon this lovely hotel and eatery as we did.

Of course, there were many other delicious eats in Ireland, but these were my favorite. We also had lunch at the English Market, but I'll save that experience for my next post :)

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


  1. Queen of Tarts, lol, what a funny name :)
    I don't think I'd enjoy Irish food, they prefer meat and dairy, methinks. I'd probably have a blast foodvise in Levant countries. I bet the music was lovely in that hotel!

    1. We did have a bit of a time finding a lot of vegetarian options. Most only had two or three vegetarian dishes on their menu, if any at all. I ate a lot of fruit and bread. One thing I loved having unlimited access to was Irish butter because it's super expensive here.

  2. Wow, that looks like some good food.

  3. It all looks so wonderful! I'd love to eat any of those dishes. I think I'd go for the salmon dish right now, since it's almost lunch time.

    I can't drink lite, yellow beers now. They throw me into an allergy fit. The dark beers aren't as good, but that's what I drink, when or if I drink. One beer and I'm buzzing. That's how little I drink. Cheap drunk.

    1. Jason loved the fresh salmon, though it did seem awful expensive for the thin slices he got. I'm a cheap drunk too. One glass of wine and I'm "whoooooo!"

  4. Queen of Tarts looks delightful!! I never really think of Irish food other than Corn Beef and Sheppard Pie. This gave me a whole new outlook on the Irish. No late night diners for Ireland, I see... LOL

    1. No late night anything in Europe. We hated that we couldn't get medicine outside of their crazy pharmacy hours too, and you have to go to an actual pharmacy for meds because their grocery stores don't have things like Tylenol or Cough Medicine.

  5. All of that food looks delish, especially those cupcakes! I have to side with your girl; Guinness isn't my thing either.

  6. Everything looks delish. I'm glad you came across the music during dinner. That is fun.

  7. Wow, wow,wow! All looks so yum, I am so hungry lookin at your photos☺☺

  8. All this food is making me hungry. Yum.

  9. Wow, you sure ate good over there indeed. Even if the Guinness wasn't a hit haha That is great when you find a nice little spot and the owners actually talk to you.

  10. Theresa what lovely food. Always I think I would like Ireland.
    The pictures are lovely !!


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