Theresa's Mixed Nuts: Gliding Into BTS Season with the Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Gliding Into BTS Season with the Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter

I received a Best Buy gift card courtesy of the sponsor to help facilitate this post. All opinions are genuine, based on my experience with the product, and have not been influenced by promotional items. 

We just sent our oldest daughter back to college to start her Junior year. Time sure is flying! For her first two years, she opted to stay on campus in the dorms, but this year she thought she'd flex her independence a little more and chose an off-campus apartment for her living arrangements. Thankfully, campus isn't too far from her apartment, but as a mom, I still worry about her getting to class on time, as well as her safety walking to and from classes and back home again. While touring the campus (something we like to do at the start of every school year), I noticed many of the students whizzing by on electric scooters. "How nifty are those?" I thought. While I also noticed a lot of bike riders, it seems like electric scooters are rising in popularity among students on campus because they are light, fast, and convenient for getting to where they need to go without a lot of fuss.

Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter

My daughter has never been much of a bike rider, but I know she'd totally be on board for using an electric scooter for getting around campus. I've been doing some research on them these past few weeks, and decided we'll be getting her an early Christmas gift- a Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter from Best Buy. 

Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter

Why are we going with the Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter? Because it has many features that both my daughter and I think make it the perfect mode of transportation for getting around campus. 

• Top speed of 14 miles per hour, a 16 mile battery life span (battery is easy to charge!), and a bright LED headlight for safety

• Tackles hills and angles up to 15 degrees effortlessly, so you can ride practically anywhere

•  Electronic and foot brakes help the rider come to a complete safe stop

• 8.5 inch tires offer stability and can tackle tough terrain without a problem

• Lightweight- At 27 pounds, it's light enough to fold and stow once you get to where you need to go

• Space saving- The Hover-1 Journey neatly folds in half for easy storage

Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter 
After a lot of time spent comparing Ridebles, it's a no-brainer on why we think the Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter is the best option for back-to-school and campus life. If you have a student headed back to college this year, be sure to check out Best Buy in-store and online to learn more about the Hover-1 Journey. You can also shop for other electric scooters, plus electric boards and bikes to make getting around campus a breeze! 

*Ride Responsibly! 
The purchaser and rider of this product are responsible for knowing and obeying all state and local regulations regarding the use of this product. It is highly encouraged that you read and follow the product instructions, including all safety precautions and use protective gear. Find protective gear at


  1. We have an electric skateboard that is awesome and my son loves it. I was thinking maybe an electric scooter would be a good Christmas surprise this year!! I like the features on this one. I hope your daughter loves it for getting around campus.

  2. Looks dandy too! Britain is looking to ban them as they caused oh so many accident, sadly. Them kids think if they drive them they don't need to know the traffic rules. Happy New College year to Mariah!

  3. I haven't seen these around here yet, then again, I haven't actually been on a college campus in about 7 years... I hope she rides it well and stays safe. :)

  4. 16 miles is quite a distance on a charge, especially since they must have small batteries. I'm impressed, but will stick to my bicycle when commuting on the days I'm in the office and don't need a car.

  5. I've seen kids with a few up here. They can really get the job done. Although some kids shouldn't have them as they act like idiots on them. Be a great way to get around campus indeed.


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