Theresa's Mixed Nuts: Saint Valentine’s Day Powered By Catholic Central #CatholicCentral #SaintValentinesDayTraditions

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Saint Valentine’s Day Powered By Catholic Central #CatholicCentral #SaintValentinesDayTraditions

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February is commonly known as the month of love where we celebrate Saint Valentine, who is the patron of love, young people and happy marriage. Valentine's Day is right on our heels, and that has me thinking that Jason and I will be celebrating our 23rd one together this year (where's the shocked face emoji when you need it?) For this blog post I was asked to share the most romantic thing that's ever happened in our relationship, but I'm not going to do that. Why? I sat here and tried to think of some over the top, made for television romantic gesture that Jason or I have done for one another because surely in 23 years together we should have plenty of those moments, right? Sorry to tell you kids, but our relationship has never operated that way. Instead, it's the little things that keeps the spark alive here. And, that's the secret to our longevity. From 16 to 39, we've had our ups and downs, but what's kept us going strong really are the every day small things that are so easy to overlook.

I won't speak for Jason, but for me it's always having a full gas tank that I didn't have to pump, getting to sleep in on the weekends while he's letting the dogs out to potty, and knowing he'll be the one to chauffeur the girls and their friends around town. 

Rock of Dunamase

It's romantic walks down the aisles of Target while he carries all of my purchases, always holding the door open for me, or surprising me with some rose gold silverware because he read that I thought it was pretty while talking to my friend Dezzy in my comments here on my blog.

Paris, France

He doesn't complain (too much) about being an Instagram husband, having to switch to a mostly vegetarian diet at home, or my chocolate obsession. It's spending hours online trying to find authentic French pastries within driving distance because I've been dreaming about them since our trip to Paris last summer. It's also bringing a Pistachio muffin home after work because he knows I have a weakness for them. While I may not have some sickly sweet romantic story to tell you, I could go on about a million little romantic gestures that far outweigh one big one because those are the things that truly matter here. 

This Valentine's Day we will also be having a low key holiday, but that doesn't mean it won't be filled with love. A homemade dinner, and light dessert, then snuggles on the couch with a glass of Blueberry wine and Netflix. You don't have to go over the top for Valentine's Day either. Our friends at CATHOLIC CENTRAL have put together this great downloadable PDF to help you create a romantic Valentine's Day at home without breaking the budget.  

 photo VALENTINEs_download_zpshiisfqd1.png
You'll find some great budget friendly Valentine ideas, from creating a romantic oasis at home to pink themed menu items to help make the holiday pop! 

About CATHOLIC CENTRAL: You have questions about the Catholic faith and what it means to be Catholic. We have answers. Using a team of witty writers, appealing hosts, and even some learned theologians, we’ve created shareable, snackable videos that teach the timeless truths and deep history of the Church with humor and heart. Produced in the Family Theater Productions studios on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, CATHOLIC CENTRAL entertains, enlightens and inspires.


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  1. Gorgeous photos in the post, deary, in that first one you can almost hear TLC and Paula Abdul in the background LOL
    Jason surprised me with the rose gold cutlery as well, especially with how quickly he found it for you!
    It is the little things that count in life, indeed, like when you send me a lil' gift even though you did not have to or when you comment every day on my blog because we is a part of each other's daily routine!
    Sending hugs to you and your mister, hope you will spend the Valentines in a nice restaurant and then spice it up in da bedroom LOL

    1. Allison was like "Is that blue eyeshadow?" No, it's purple. It was the 90's, so just let me be lol

      Even if it's just for a few minutes every day, I'm glad to have you in my life ♥

      We will avoid the restaurants at all costs on that day since they are so busy! I might make a homemade pizza shaped like a heart though. We'll see how much effort I feel like putting forth that day.

  2. Replies
    1. Not much. Just a few extra wrinkles, gray hairs, and about 20 extra pounds lol

  3. Instagram Husband...that's funny. Have a nice Valentine's Day.

  4. The little things are what add up and keep things going indeed. A grand gesture may be nice, but it never lasts. Here's to 23 more.

  5. I think Dinner DIY would be fun. Finding stuff you have to make a delicious dinner and the intimate time together

  6. I like It's Scavenger Hunt Time. I like looking for clues, and I think other people do too! Fun times ahead!

  7. I like the idea of the Blind Taste Test, but with a spin. With different types of drinks that may be in the house. OR to create a drink blind taste. For instance, his favorite is beer... find different beers and have him identify the style (lager, stout, IPA, etc).

  8. aaah Theresa...23 years full of love! Mine is heading to 15 but I guess you're right, all those small things make life lovelier indeed. I love to see your photos and Jason back in the 90s..I guess I have similar one and was wondering where's mine :)

  9. You still look the same!!! I love that your family is a big success story. It's inspiring to see in an age where people have become disposable. :) I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  10. I like the Valentine's Day time capsule. What a great idea to look back on.

  11. I am liking the It's Scavenger Hunt Time.

  12. My favorite Valentine's activity is the Blind Taste Test!

  13. Aww this is beautiful... thank you for sharing this. Happy belated Vday to both of you :)

  14. My favorite would have to be creating your own romantic oasis at home.

  15. My favorite is the Scavenger Hunt Time. I love scavenger hunts and this one just looks like it would be so much fun to do together.

  16. My favorite idea is the create your own St. Valentine's Day Time Capsule.


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