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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Jazz Loves Disney is Toe Tapping Fun! #JazzLovesDisney

"This is a sponsored post from Disney Music and One2One Network. All opinions are my own."

I think many of us has been touched by Disney in some way or another in our lives. For me, Disney has played a huge part in my life since I was a wee tot. I remember watching the old black and white Steamboat Willie with grandma where I am sure my love of Mickey Mouse and all things Disney started. Later on, fun memories were created with my mom and siblings when we'd see a Disney film in the theater as a treat, and oh, happy day when my mom bought me the VHS of The Little Mermaid to enjoy over and over again! When I became a mom, I knew that Disney was going to be a huge part of my kid's lives too. Disney has always been a constant when it comes to family bonding, whether it comes from movie night where we are catching the latest Disney flick, reminiscing over old photos from our trips to the theme park, or just belting out our favorite tunes in the car. I'm pretty sure there are many families out there who've had carpool karaoke, jamming out to Let It Go a time or two, right?

Aside from the super cute characters and fun story lines, the one thing that always puts me in a happy place is the music of Disney. How can you not want to move and groove when you hear Everybody Wants to be a Cat or The Bear Necessities? I know I do! When I heard that there was a new compilation of Disney music, I couldn't wait have a listen. Jazz Loves Disney offers listeners big jazz band covers of songs that are a part of every kid's heritage. 

Walt Disney loved jazz and paid close attention to the writing of the music that accompanied his hero's adventures. Teams wrote and played the songs that at some point acted as a catalyst of the emotions of unique characters such as Tinker Bell, Jiminy Cricket, and even Baloo, and several of those songs have either been nominated for or won an Academy Award. 

With Jazz Loves Disney, produced by Jay Newland and arranged and directed by Rob Mounsey, you'll get a special feeling of the good old days when you hear popular artists such as Gregory Porter, Melody Gardot and Stacey Kent singing some of of your favorite classic Disney tunes.  The album has 13 tracks that are so enjoyable to listen to:

1.  Jamie Cullum – "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat" – from The Aristocats
2.  Melody Gardot – "He’s A Tramp" – from Lady And The Tramp
3.  Stacey Kent – "Bibbidi Bobbodo Boo" (French version) – from Cinderella
4.  Gregory Porter – "When You Wish Upon A Star" – from Pinocchio  
5.  China Moses – "Why Don’t You Do Right" – from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
6.  Raphaël Gualazzi – "I Wanna Be Like You" – from The Jungle Book
7.  The Rob Mounsey Orchestra – "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" – from Cinderella
8.  Hugh Coltman – "You’ve Got A Friend In Me" – from Toy Story
9.  Anne Sila – "Let It Go" – from Frozen
10.  Melody Gardot & Raphaël Gualazzi – "The Bare Necessities" – from The Jungle Book
11.  Laika – "Once Upon A Dream" – from Sleeping Beauty
12.  Nikki Yanofsky -"Someday My Prince Will Come" – from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
13. The Hot Sardines – I Wanna Be Like You (French & English version) – from The Jungle Book (US release only)

My personal favorites are I Wanna Be Like You and Bibbidi Bobbodo Boo. The first because when my daughter Mariah was about 3, she loved The Jungle Book. I'm sure she watched that film daily. It was also the year she insisted on running around in nothing but a pair of underwear, so we nicknamed her Mowgli. Every time I hear I Wanna Be Like You, it takes me back to those special days when she believed in the magic of talking animals and how she'd dance around in her underpants singing her favorite Jungle Book songs.

Bibbidi Bobbodo Boo is also a favorite because I love the smooth jazzy vibe of the song, and it reminds me of the time Allison went to Disney and met Cinderella, which is probably many little girl's dream. It was such a special day where memories that will last a lifetime were made.

 Every November, we like to sit down and watch a slideshow of our family photos from our trips to Disney over the years. It's a great way to keep those memories fresh and offers us an additional way to bond once again over our family love of Disney. We always play our favorite tunes to liven up the experience of watching the slides, and this year I thought it would be awesome to put Jazz Loves Disney into our slide show. Here's a little peek at what I put together for our family this year:

All of the song covers are so catchy, I can't help but to smile and sing along. The new Jazz Loves Disney album is now available to download on Itunes and Amazon. Grab your copy today and start some toe tapping fun with your family too!

What are some of your favorite Disney tunes?


  1. This sounds like a great album. Disney songs definitely lend themselves to a jazz rendition. I'll definitely be picking this up.

  2. This sounds like a fun cover album. I will need to check it out because I love Disney.

  3. This sounds like a great album. I have always liked "I Wanna Be Like You" and "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat".

  4. Allison looks like the spitting image of you in the screen shot for that video!

  5. I like the Tigger Song. "The most wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things." I love Tigger!

  6. Cute photo of the two princesses

  7. I love Disney music almost as much as I love Disney movies. There are some great classics on this new album!

  8. These are all great songs that have great memories attached to them! This album sounds like it's going to be a big hit

  9. such a wonderful writing believing in magic in childhood is an amazing thing ,it lasts in our memories forever.
    lovely sharing

  10. Yaaaaas. Disney has such awesome Jazz music. It makes it even better when you can tour New Orleans Square. :)

  11. DisneyWorld has had a large influence in both my husband and my families.
    Lots of great memories for each of us.

  12. Right now our favorite Disney music is from Frozen. I have so many favorites thru the years.

  13. Disney sure has touched just about everyone. A little under the sea can sure get stuck in one's head.

  14. Sounds like the perfect way to spend some time encouraging your kid to learn about jazz in a way that will totally resonate with them! We love Disney!

  15. It says the video is blocked from my country. If you moved, I hope you went to Europe. It's pretty there. ;)

    We love Disney and I think the album sounds awesome.

    Now I have to say awwww to your little Cinderella!! So cute!

    1. I so wish I were in Europe. The video plays for some and won't for others because YouTube flagged the song as a copyright violation. Don't know why they just don't block it for all if that's the case *pft*

    2. Three demerits for YouTube. More if I could give them for some of the YouTube stars my youngest loves to watch (lol!).

    3. Oh, I hear you on those YouTube stars. Allison is so obsessed with a few herself. We even drove into Chicago and waited over 2 hours so she could get a 2 second photo with him. She barely even got to say hi, and I don't believe he even uttered hi to her. Just smile, snap, move along. Ridiculous!

  16. We love Disney in this house for sure! I also have a wonderful memory of unwrapping The Little Mermaid on VHS as a birthday present. But my son who is 3 is obsessed with Mickey Mouse, even the old cartoons. This album sounds amazing, I will be getting my copy soon for sure!

  17. Love those old Disney cartoons (in Black & White)

  18. This sounds amazing! I love all of the Disney music so this would be great to have.

  19. I love jazz music!

    I like Mousersercise when I was little. It was on a Disney record we had. I think I spelled it right.

  20. When my kids were little we had the Disney CD collections, that covered a huge variety of songs. My favorites are Reflection from Mulan, Part of Your World from Little Mermaid, and I Won't Say I'm In Love from Hercules. Baby Mine from Dumbo always makes me teary, but I love it too. I absolutely loved all 3 of the CD's, though - and so did the kids. They don't like to listen to them so much anymore, but I still have them, and always will.

  21. I wanna go back to Disney! I love all their songs..especially all those OST. They are top notch..

  22. Even non-Disney fans can get along with this one very nicely. Tracks look promising, it's a great gift for those musically-inclined kids and even teens.


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