Theresa's Mixed Nuts: This Seasons Hottest Toys Featured At The Chicago Toy & Game Fair #ChiTag

Thursday, December 10, 2015

This Seasons Hottest Toys Featured At The Chicago Toy & Game Fair #ChiTag

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A couple of weekends back, I packed up the family for a little trip to Chicago to check out this seasons hottest toys at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair. We spent a day meeting many reps and playing with some pretty cool toys. If you are still doing your holiday shopping, let me tell you about a few of our favorites that I think would be a hit on many children's (and adults!) holiday wishlists!

Our first stop was the Star Wars booth where we spent a little time using a Jedi Training Rod to levitate objects into the air with the Jedi Force Leviator toy. You can move and suspend objects in mid-air by using electrostatic force.

Also at the Star Wars booth, we learned how to become Jedi Masters by Yoda himself! Now, I am not really a Star Wars fan, but even I had fun playing with Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda! Yoda will train you to become a real-life Jedi Master! With 115 phrases, voice recognition and realistic movements, he's sure to be a hit with any Star Wars fan!

yoda jedi masteryoda jedi master

Our next stop was at Razor Scooter, which was Allison's absolutely favorite booth. She was super excited to test out the Razor Delta Wing. By the time she was done taking this baby for a spin, she was begging to add it to her every growing collection of Razor products.

razor scooter

Playing a riveting game of Jenga. Who doesn't love this game? It's a family favorite here!


We didn't get to play with Zoomer Kitty for very long because a line was forming of kids eager to give it a try, but from what we could tell, it was a lot of fun! She's an interactive kitty that sings, dances and plays with her cat toy.

zoomer kitty

For those who like solving/thinking games, Fat Brain Toys has you covered! Allison tried her hand at a few puzzle-like games that looked easy, but ended up being quite a challenge, which she loved!

Even though I have girls, they are anything but girly. There was no shortage of potty humor at the toy fair, and they had a blast playing with hilariously inappropriate games.

Poop: The Game is a humorous family game where you take turns "pooping", but don't clog the toilet or you lose!

poop the game

Who Tooted? Board Game is good fun! Take turns passing gas by pressing a fart noise buzzer. Then, everyone has to guess who was the offending farter!

who tooted

Throw in a little more nasty fun with Gooey Louie. Pull the boogers out of his nose until his head pops off!

It wasn't all toys and games. We did get to mingle with a few special guests, also!

Little Charmers

We had a blast exploring many new toys at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair! Be sure to check out to learn about more of these vendors and see what other toys were featured at the event.


  1. Well it wouldn't be an event without Elsa, right? :)
    Sounds like you had marvelous fun!
    Love those white glasses on that cute guy in one of the photos. And Allyson's festive shirt is adorable

    1. We didn't stop to chat with them since the line was long and we already got photos with them at Disney. Aren't those glasses so hipster chic? Although, I didn't pay much attention to how cute that guy was when we were there. It's hard to take someone seriously when they are explaining a poop game to you lol.

  2. lol potty humor and boogers, they'll be big sellers there. That first one is neat indeed. I could so tease the cats with it.

    1. I bet the cats would just love you teasing them, Pat. Though, I think I may get it and tease my dogs now ;)

  3. Fat Brain Toys is an Omaha based company. Two of my students head up their website, facebook page... They have also done some of the packaging for their own games, signs, displays... It's so cool!

    1. Didn't you do a post on them once, Alissa? I remember thinking about you as soon as we saw the booth. That's really interesting that your students have a connection to designing the website and some packaging! I love the bright colors they use!

  4. My brother had a similar hover thing before

  5. Oh my gosh - Poop just made me giggle! Lol! I could see my kids, and hubby, enjoying that one! Haha! Too funny!!! Sounds like y'all had a fun day!!

  6. There are a lot of cool toys out this year. I love all the Star Wars stuff.


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