Theresa's Mixed Nuts: St. Patrick's Day Crafting

Friday, March 7, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Crafting

My niece and nephew stopped by for a visit last weekend. Since it was too cold to play outside, my nephew thought it would be fun to build a leprechaun trap. All the girls bailed on us, so the boy and I had to fly solo on the project, which was fine because we won't be sharing any treasures we get after catching that little bugger!

Leprchaun Trap

We made one last year, but he got away. However, he did leave the girls some rainbow candy treats behind after stealing our gold piece. Allison quickly pointed out he must not know what a rainbow looks like since the colors in the pack were backwards. Whoops!

St. Patrick's Candy

At least mom was able to get the pudding dessert colors right. I thought it would be fun to top the pudding with some whipped cream and sprinkle them with GOLD. Which was just some Wilton gold colored candy sugar sprinkles.

Rainbow Pudding

Since it never fails, St. Patrick's always rolls around and Allison can't find anything green to wear to school. I decided to quickly make these St. Patty's hair pins. 

Just snip off the button loop back, hot glue on to a hair pin, and voila! For less than $2, you've got your green covered.

What are your St. Patrick's Day Plans?


  1. The hairpins are so cute. You are so crafty! We don't do anything at all for St. Patrick's Day :(

  2. that is such delightful fun!

  3. Ah your nephew is totally adorable and what a great project. I love it!! I am going to have to pin that one and the rainbow dessert!! Excellent ideas Theresa.

  4. Maybe you'll be getting a real pot of gold with that trap

  5. Fun to make traps for saint me day, not getting my gold though as i first need some

  6. That was brilliant to make the pins!!

    That pudding is awesome looking, and I love the trap!! How fun that you got to build one-on-one with your nephew. I bet he had a blast having that aunty time. :)

  7. My plans are not getting pinched

  8. Darling ideas and such a cutie face too. I like that you like Lacey. She is a doll and a half. hahahaha. She always says "dollhairs" when she is saying "dollars". I think that is so funny. So that would make my sparkle jeans of having the price of "one dollhairs". hahahahahaha

    Thanks for you sweet words and the wonderful giveaway. My IG has gotten about 25 new peeps, I think. So nice of you! You are worth a million dollhairs!!!! ♥

  9. That looks good and very creative..Cheers to him :)

  10. It looks like you have a lot of fun for St. Patty's day. Much of St. Patty's is about people getting drunk. That part of it is not really my thing.

  11. OMGGG those cupcakes look so great!

    I've been wanting to make our own hair clips too but haven't got down to buying a hot glue gun ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  12. Sounds like Allison is a chip off the ole block when it comes to crafting. Very cute hair pins.
    I am taking my Hubs out for dinner on St Paddys day, then I will take him to a place for some green beer.

  13. Agree with Robin, the hairpins look soooo cute. Can you send them to me? haha...

  14. Those pudding desserts look way yummy and cute.


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