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Monday, October 28, 2013

Homemade Hippie

Mariah wasn't sure if she was going to go out Trick or Treating this year, but since her best friend is going, she decided to tag along. They decided they wanted to be hippies this year, but when we got to the costume store the hippie outfits were over $60. No Thank You! I decided we could make one for much cheaper. We hit up Goodwill for some skinny jeans, got a white shirt from Wal-Mart, clearance tie dye, and a scrap of white fabric all totaling less than $20.

Mariah did her own tie dye job.

I sewed the scrap fabric onto the skinny jeans to make bell bottoms and a headband. Then the hippie outfit was complete. Maybe it's me, but I think creating your own costume is so much more fun than store bought ones anyway!

tie dye, halloween, diy
Darn sun, but it's the only shot I got when we went Trick or Treating at the local church this year.
Do you like to make your own costumes, or do you prefer store bought? (We store bought Allison's this year!)


  1. Your costume looks so beautiful for you.

  2. It came out awesome!! I am SO lazy, so I prefer store bought costumes - although, I had a homemade hippie one year when was younger, too.

  3. I am impressed she doing her on tye and dye. I love her name..Mariah, what does it mean?
    My niece's name is Myra
    Happy Halloween

  4. since I'm not creative, store-bought costumes

  5. When I was younger and when my kids were younger I would make them too.
    That hippie costume was just right!

  6. Store bought for me, though yippee for the hippee

  7. She looks great! I admire the people that make their own. Those are the ones that I vote for. We have a voting contest at my work.

  8. That outfit is cute and perfect for her age! I like homemade better too, though I've only made one once ever (and I loved it!!).

    The place we usually trick or treat at has had a change of plans this year, and so we're opting out and finding someplace new. In fact, I need to go look around now so I don't miss something. :)

  9. You and Mariah came up with a cool idea and did a great job with the costume Theresa. If Halloween was celebrated in a big way here I would also prefer to make my own costume. Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

  10. When photos like that happen to me I have noticed that my tripod was in the open sun. Next time just place your opposite hand over the camera and shade it like you would shade your eyes.

    Theresa! You are so fun!!! This ensemble of Mariah's is so cool. Have such a great and fun HALLOWEEN!

    Honestly, I can not believe this year has gone by so dang fast!!!!!! (hug)

    and thanks for the snaps regarding my Blog Hop. ~~ yay.

  11. She is very good at crafts just like her Mom. That outfit turned out very nice... Perfect for Halloween

  12. I think the fun for Halloween is in making your own costumes too.. especially when she has a crafty mother in you!! haha.. that's a great costume by the way! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  13. Cute outfit. I say the kids need to milk trick-or-treating as long as they can.

  14. Love it! Homemade costumes are the best ones...and it's so unique and one of a kind ;) She looks great!

  15. I think her costume turned out great. I prefer handmade costumes but I always seem to mess them up when trying. Then I end up at the store to buy one.


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