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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fun Fair Cookies

I am not a mom who greets her kids with cookies after school. I am lazy when it comes to cookie baking, and about the only time I do it is when there is a function we are hosting or attending. Each year the school fun fair asks for cookie donations for the cookie walk. Last year my kids and husband begged me to make my yummy soft batch chocolate chip cookies because they wanted to win them for themselves (You know, because they never get them at home haha!). So, I slaved away in the kitchen all day long, packaged them up in boring ziploc bags so no one else would pick them before we had a chance to win them, and sent them in. The night of the fun fair, around and around my kids went trying to win a pack of cookies. After many attempts, Allison FINALLY won! Woo Hoo! She walks over to the cookie table and what does that stinker do? Bypasses MY cookies that she begged for and picked a different, pretty packaged bag of cookies. Yes, my cookies were still up there. She deliberately chose not to take them. Pft! But guess who had the last laugh? I did. I giggled and giggled when she pulled her prized cookies out of the bag, only to find the bottoms completely black from being burnt! Then I giggled some more when I watched some other lady eating my cookies later and telling her husband how good they were. Lesson learned. Stick with what you know is good kid!

This year I didn't take any family requests. I decided to make Jack Skellington sugar cookies, which are also very delicious! Some of you have already seen these on Instagram, but for those who haven't:

Jack Skellington  Cookies

These were gone before my family had a chance to win any, but I did keep a few for us to enjoy at home.

I also made a few special cookies, one of them dedicated to a dear blogging friend. I find it's much easier not to kill him off like his cat. Instead, I made some sweet revenge cookies. (I did not send these in to the school. Something told me they probably wouldn't appreciate a batch of voodoo doll cookies.)

Voodoo Doll Cookie
Pat Hatt, here's lookin' at you kid!

There were a few fabulous scarecrows in the competition too, and Allison didn't win, but that's ok because the one that did put in a lot of effort into hers.

If my child wasn't in the running, Uncle Si Scarecrow would have gotten my vote though:

Do you bake cookies for your family "just because"? What is your favorite kind of cookie?


  1. Bummer that she didn't win, but at least she gave it a shot. The Jack Skellington cookies came out awesome. You are very crafty, mama!

  2. I love those Jack Skellington sugar cookies! I think I saw those on your Instagram too? Or someone's Instagram lol. May I have two dozen?

  3. I do bake cookies, but the kind that don't have to be decorated (so that my lack of creative talent isn't glaringly obvious). ;)

    Yours came out great. And who brings burnt cookies to an event, oy!

    The scarecrows are cool, that sounds like a fun thing to see (and participate in).

  4. I think you have an obession or crush on Jack Skellington. Boney wasn't good enough for you lol

    1. Definitely an obsession! I LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas! Best movie ever!

    2. LOL thought I missed the vodoo huh? I just binded my time until today haha voodoo that!

  5. I used to bake cookies more! I'm trying to go with less sugar in my life, so ya I love cookies a little too much. There for I don't make them as much.

    My favorite to make are sugar cookies. My favorite to taste are chocolate malt cookies.

  6. Love the Uncle Si scarecrow. That voodoo doll cookie is awesome! I don't bake very often myself.

  7. Haha Love the cookies!! Some great scarecrows too!!

  8. The Jack Skellington sugar cookies look great! So does the cookie for Pat Hatt!!


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