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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Houston, We Have A Problem!

I am frugal. I cut corners wherever I can, use coupons, shop thrift stores and stress the importance to my children about buying on sale. My 13 year old seems to be following in my thrifty footsteps. My 8 year old seems to have missed the boat completely.

Some of you may remember my de-cluttering post a few weeks back. After Allison had lost her ipod and we had gone through the whole house getting rid of unnecessary space wasters, I set the kids down and had a discussion with them about how we have way too much stuff. We made a plan that we would start making big cut backs. I, for one, would rather spend money on experiences than on stuff that will soon be shoved in a closet and forgotten about. They agreed. Amusement parks, zoo trips and exploring museums all sound so much better than another toy they don’t need. We will be taking a trip to Disney in late fall, so we need to put money aside for that also. I felt good about our talk. I thought the message really clicked with both girls. That is until I was cooking dinner the other day and see Allison on the computer. What site was she on?

Yep, that’s Ebay! Apparently our talk has long been forgotten.

“What are you doing on Ebay?” I ask.

“I am looking for a new sewing machine. Mine broke.”

“What’s wrong with using mine? Get off Ebay!”

“I can’t. I love Ebay so much I’ve put it in my favorites on Google Chrome.”

*Sigh* At least she was looking for a bargain on the sewing machine, right?

I remind her of our talk. We aren’t spending extra money on things we don’t need. The message seems to click again. Or, so I think.

Sunday we were doing a little school clothes shopping. Allison asks, “Do you think it’s weird Mariah is a teenager and saves all of her money. I’m only 8 and I like to spend all of mine.” I tell her it’s a good thing Mariah is saving her money. She may want to buy something special some day or she might have an emergency and need that money. “Well, I don’t know what kind of emergency she would have. The only emergency I can think of is a SHOPPING EMERGENCY!”

Please, someone, tell me there is still hope for this child to change her financial ways! She’ll be filing bankruptcy before she hits 10.

Are your kids spenders or savers? How do you teach your children to be financially responsible?


  1. That's a good idea! After i'm done teaching myself then I will definitely teach my kids how to use money wisely :D ...oooh you jnow i think next week i am going to buy my own sewing machine! Hopefully i can convince my hubby that i need one :P

    1. I got tired of trying to convince my hubby and bought one anyway. Thankfully, I found mine at a yard sale for dirt cheap so he couldn't really say much lol.

  2. That is a very cute story! I think maybe she's still too young to grasp the entire concept maybe? As long as you keep doing what your doing I'm sure everything will be fine :)


    1. I sure hope that's it! It's just weird that my older one has been a saver since day one. This one just can't wait to spend, spend, spend :)

  3. LOL That's hilarious that at 8 years old, she thinks and talks like that. That would definitely get a chuckle out of me, but at the same time, red flags too! haha jk. 8 years old and on ebay looking for a sewing machine...that's just too cute! That's great you're teaching them about money and what's more important; memories or material items. Great post!

  4. oh my gosh..I understand this post! my first daughter saved every penny she ever made and somehow manages to look great go places and have extra 2nd daughter the one who sew everything, spent all the $ she ever made before she made it and never has cash but manages to look great and go places..who knows how they do it?! and they were like that from day 1...good luck!! oh the first one brews her own coffee before work, the 2nd one like Starbucks!

  5. She's 8 and on ebay??!!! OMG that girl is a genius! haha.. I haven't got the hang of online shopping and don't really think about it.

    It's great you've got them thinking more about saving and love the idea on investing more on experiences. Have a great Disney trip!! can't wait to hear about it :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. I'm sorry but I had to crack up at the shopping emergency line!

    I already got my 3 year old parroting me about saving money. But I don't know if she really knows what she's saying LOL.

  7. Oh I LOVE online shopping. It's so easy and quick....too easy and quick! My little one is only two so she has no concept of money and spending and saving yet but I just signed us up to sponsor a little girl almost exactly her same age through World Vision and I plan to use that as an example of being thankful for what you have and helping those less fortunate.

    I also really like the idea of teaching kids that saving money for events and experiences can be even more rewarding than just buying "things"

  8. Buwahhahaha, I saw this pop up on a roll by when I was reading today's post. This is hilarious stuff!! I do what your older daughter does (unless it involved travel, then I'm hardpressed to think rationally w/my money) but I oh soooooooo would rather behave like your youngest. :)

    1. It's sad to say, almost 9 months later, she still isn't reformed in her spending habits lol.


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