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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Card Cubby Review

There are two things that annoy my husband when he is out shopping with me. The first is that I take way too long at the check out. My problem there is that I have so many cards in my wallet it takes me a really long time locate the one that I want to use. It’s embarrassing when I am holding up the line while I sift through each of my cards, and then have to apologize to the cashier for not being prepared to pay. The other is when he puts something in the cart and I tell him I have a coupon for that at home. Knowing we missed out on valuable savings simply because I didn’t have my coupon handy can really grate the nerves!

I recently had the opportunity to review Card Cubby. I was intrigued by their products the very first time I heard about them. The Card Cubby is sometimes described as a mini filing cabinet for your purse. It is actually a mini card file used for separating and organizing all the cards you normally carry with you. Now that is something I could really use!

I chose the Really Red Croc Card Cubby to review. There are many color and pattern options, like this fabulous zany zebra design, but I am a huge fan of the croc pattern, and I figured the red coloring of the Card Cubby would make it quick and easy to spot in my purse when I needed it, so the red was a great option for me.
card cubby
Card Cubby with matching alphabetized file cards.
card cubby
Clear pocket insert for I.D. Cards
When I received it, I was immediately impressed with the durable, shiny material and how easy it was going to be to clean. With just a damp towel I will be able to wipe it down quick and easy. I was happy to see that it was no bigger than the wallet I currently carry, measuring at 3x3x2”. On the front is a clear pocket to insert your I.D. card. When you open the Card Cubby you will see a little inside zipper to keep cash or spare change. But what makes Card Cubby so great are the alphabetized filing cards, which are actually color coordinated with the color of your Card Cubby! I alphabetically sort my cards and insert each of them into the proper letter slot. Now when I am checking out at the store it’s as easy as flipping to that stores first letter and whipping out my card. No more shuffling through cards, holding up the line, or embarrassment!
Does not take up a lot of valuable purse space!
The Card Cubby is quite roomy inside. Here you will see that I have over 25 cards neatly stored inside and I still had room left over for my cell phone.
croc, pattern, red

red, croc, pattern
So roomy I could fit in my phone also!
Even with all of my cards and cell phone stuffed inside, the magnetic clasp makes opening and closing a cinch! That is something that my current zipper close wallet does not do when I have a lot of cards tucked inside.

Another thing I love about Card Cubby is how versatile it is. You can use it for:
- Credit Cards
- Store Loyalty Cards
- Gift Cards
- Receipts
- Insurance Cards
- Discount Cards
- Business Cards
- Appointment Reminder Cards
and the Coupon Cubby line makes great coupon organizers!

The Card Cubby fits nicely inside your purse or diaper bag, or you can even use it as a mini stand alone purse! Think of all the money you will save by having all of your discounts within reach at all times! No more missing a deal because you forgot your gift cards, store loyalty cards, or coupons at home!

From now until August 31st, use coupon code CCB20 to receive 20% off your purchase for any Card Cubby product!

If you would like to learn more about Card Cubby you can find them on their Website, Facebook or Twitter.
card cubby
Disclaimer: I received the above stated product for review. No other compensation was provided. My opinions are based on my experience with the product and may differ from yours.


  1. I love the Card Cubby and have received many compliments on mine when out at stores. It keeps me organized and my purse de-cluttered! Love the red one you chose, so pretty!! Great review!!

    1. Thanks Brandi! I love how organized my purse is now. My current method of storing coupons and gift cards is a plain envelope and half the time my stuff falls out of it and gets scattered in my purse. I am so happy that is one less frustration I have to deal with now!

  2. I really like the coupon card cubby idea, I want to add a LOT more coupon shopping to my grocery trips.

    It looks really good in your purse too, and it's a very clean purse!

    1. That handbag is almost 3 years old. It's a big dirty on the inside. It is definitly time to hit my hubby up for a new one with Christmas quickly approaching lol.

  3. That's awesome that you received one of these to review! Seems to have been made with you in mind ;) If I had one I hate to say it but I'd get lazy filing things in the right spots and then things would be worse than ever lol.


    1. Considering my current filing system (a paper envelope) I am determined to keep this bad boy organized! Especially since I just recycled a $500 gift card a few weeks ago. (Thankfully hubby dug it out before it went to the dump, but still!)

  4. ooooo...At this moment I have two wallets (one's really a mini purse that has detachable straps - has my main cards in it) to carry all my cards. This product really seems like it would be a big help!

    1. Some Card Cubbies have straps on them, so if you are looking to replace, they have more options than the one I received to review.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. that is what I need. I used to have something like that because I didn't want a heavy and big wallet.

  6. I need one of these! They look so neat and a great way to organize!


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