Theresa's Mixed Nuts: Brookfield Zoo

Monday, July 16, 2012

Brookfield Zoo

Tuesday we were supposed to take the girls to an amusement park. Something came up where that just wasn't going to be a possibility, so we were scrambling at 11 pm to find something else to do. We thought about driving into Michigan and taking a tour of the Kellogg’s factory, something we had been wanting to do at one time, but found out they closed 3 years ago. Since we had to scratch that too, we started looking into what we could do in Chicago. The museum attractions didn’t sound too appealing this time around, so we finally settled on Brookfield Zoo. Every year we talk about going, but never got around to it. I was really glad we finally got the chance. 

They had a lot of hands on activities for the kids and signs where you could measure yourself in comparison with the animals.

On the other hand, Allison had much more fun posing with the statues.

Mariah was quite amused by the “Sexy Shrimp.”

We did find Nemo and Dory too, though I don’t think you can see them in this picture

The best part of the day though was petting the sting rays! You could even buy fish to feed them. They would swim right over your hand and scoop it right out of your fingers!

The Extreme Bugs exhibit wasn’t that fantastic, but the sculptures outside were pretty cool.

Overall, it was a great zoo visit. However, if you are in Chicago and are planning a zoo trip but don’t care about the hands on experiences, I would go with Lincoln Park Zoo. They seem to have the same animals, and even better, it’s free for entrance. We spent $125 for the entrance and attractions at Brookfield Zoo for the four of us. The most we have ever paid at Lincoln Park was $17 for parking. If you get there early enough and are lucky, you could find free parking on the street though. But, I would say that Brookfield is a must visit zoo at least once if you live close enough to visit.


  1. What a fun looking Zoo! Haha, I love the "Sexy Shrimp", that's hilarious! We went to the Toronto Zoo a couple weeks ago and did the sting ray petting for the first time too! My hubby was the only one that pet them...I chickened out hehe. He said they felt really smooth and neat. Mariah taller than you?! ;) Love the family picture!

    1. I thought they felt really slimy, but they were smooth. I did yelp like an idiot and dropped my fish when it passed over my hand to eat though lol. It was a fun experience though.

      Yeah, I think Mariah has finally passed me in height. Every day she brings me more clothes that she's outgrown :(

  2. how fun!! my kids have Hershey Park passes and Zoo America is part of the park...sometimes the boys just go to the zoo for a day.

    1. Hershey Park sounds like so much fun. That's another spot we are hoping to get to some day, but probably not this summer since it's about a 6 hour drive from here.

      That would be nice to have the season passes too for those who live close enough!

  3. Oh dear, my two year is is currently terrified of inanimate objects, especially ones that look like people, animals etc. She would run screaming from that zoo! I hope she gets over it soon because it kind of limits the places we can go. There are even certain mannequins in stores that freak her out.

    1. Oh no! You shouldn't take her to this zoo then. They had statues at every turn. She would be in full blown panic mode there!

  4. Looks like lots of fun! I love the statues and the signs for comparing yourself to the animals.


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