Theresa's Mixed Nuts: 8 Year Olds & Phone Etiquitte?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

8 Year Olds & Phone Etiquitte?

My 8 year old has a new found love of the telephone. These past few days I have been thinking that we need to round up all the 8 year old phone users and teach them proper phone etiquette.

The phone has been ringing way too early on the weekends. When I answer, I get, “Who is this?” What ever happened to “Hello, may I speak with xxx?”

When I send the neighborhood kids home because we need to start getting ready for bed, the phone rings not even 5 minutes later. It doesn’t matter that they have just spent all day here, or they heard me tell the girls it’s bedtime. They still call.

Oh, my child is not a perfect phone user either. She was speaking with her friend the other day. I said “Allison, wrap up your call. We are getting ready to eat.” *Click* Just like that, she hangs up on her friend. No goodbye, no nothing! “Did you just hang up on your friend?” “Yes. You told me to get off the phone.” Now, I don’t talk on the phone a lot, but I am pretty sure she has heard me say good bye every time I end a call.

The real kicker. A boy from her class called while she was out. When she returned home, I told her she could return the call. She puts on her plastic high heel play shoes and took the phone out on the deck. Um, he can’t see you and your fancy shoes, and excuse me, but you are 8. There is no such thing as a private phone call in this house at your age.

While I have never been a big fan of the phone, I am really not enjoying it here much lately.

Are your kids big phone talkers? What age did they start making their own calls? What limitations do you set on phone use in your house?


  1. Ha!Ha!Ha! I sure don't miss those day! :)

    1. I'm sure I'll laugh about it when they are out of the house, but right now it's a real pain to deal with lol.

  2. LMAO!! Ok this was too funny. The fact that she put on plastic high heels to talk to a boy on the phone...omg, please bring this up at her wedding someday ;) lol. Emma is only 2 1/2 and she already has an obsession with the phone! She always insists on talking to my mom when she calls or when daddy calls from work. I didn't realize it started so young :S And you have TWO girls...good luck with that ;) hehe

    1. The older one wasn't a phone talker. Still isn't but she sure does love those text messages!

      My husband had to grit his teeth when I told him about the heels. He's convinced she is going to be our problem child. I will so have to bring this up at her wedding ;)

  3. That was so funny to read! My son is 10 and I had to talk to him about just hanging up on people without saying goodbye. He's not a big phone user anymore though. My 5 year old niece on the other hand is all about using the phone! I will get random calls from her just talking about random things and then she'll whisper and I can hear my brother or sister in law in the background talking to her or calling her. She'll tell me stuff like she's supposed to be in time out and then I'll hear my sis in law voice get louder and my niece hangs up. In my house, ya wanna use the phone, ya gotta ask. :) That way you don't get calls from relatives or friends later saying, "why did you hang up on me?" hahaha

    Great blog!! Gave me a good laugh. :)

    1. What is it with the little girls always wanting to use the phone? Are they just born with a gene that attracts them to the phone?

      I love that your niece is sneaking off and calling you when she is in time out! So funny!


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