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Thursday, January 26, 2012

No School, Old School Craft Day

The girls didn't have school on Monday. I like to get the girls involved in crafts on no school days. This keeps them entertained for a while and helps me encourage creativity in their lives.

Mariah had a science fair project to work on at a friends house, so I had to think up something to do with Allison. Something fun, but not so great that Mariah would feel like she missed out on participating. I started thinking about crafts I enjoyed doing as a kid. My mom never had much money to buy fancy materials for us to work with, so we had to come up with ideas on our own. I remembered spending hours cutting out cool things from mom's used magazines and making collages. Also, we would go out and find odd shaped leaves and iron them between sheets of wax paper.

I gathered up a few old magazines and Allison set off to work on her collage.

Since it's winter and all of our leaves are dried up and dead, we used red and purple crayon shavings to melt between the wax paper. Allison ended up cutting them into heart shapes, decorated them with stickers, and will pass those out to her grandparents and cousins for homemade Valentine cards.

I forgot how much fun it could be to work with everyday basic items. I am going to incorporate those kinds of projects into our crafting activities more often!

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  1. I used to love doing magazine cutouts like that when I was younger. Can't wait to do that with my kids. I should do the heart one with them though!! Love it!! It's great when they get to ages where you can do crafts and fun stuff together:)


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