Thursday, July 2, 2015

What’s in My Handbag? #PocketPearlatTarget

My father in law was over at our house the other day, and he needed to move my car. "Where are your keys?" he asked. I replied, "Just grab them out of the purse. It's right over there." Little did I know, that remark was going to throw him into a big tizzy. "Oh, no! I will NOT! I don't ever get into a woman's purse. Not even my wife's!"

That little conversation really got me thinking about how the contents of a handbag are mysterious to some people. I mean, we take it with us practically everywhere we go. It's almost like an extension of our own bodies sometimes. What could we possibly need to have within reach at all times? Today, I'm going to share with you what I keep in MY handbag. Really, it's not as exciting as one would think, but it is full of practical and useful items that I use on a daily basis.

See, nothing top secret here, but every day essentials. Keys, sunglasses, pepper spray, coin purse and my phone. In addition to those are Target-purchased essentials. Floss, hand sanitizer, chap stick and Tampax Pocket Pearl.

Since we are a family of almost all girls, having these girly type items on hand at all times is what gets us through our days seamlessly. Now, if we are going for a bike ride or a family hike, I don't always take my handbag with me. I just grab items that we need most, push them into my pocket, and away we go! That's why I love the new Tampax Pocket Pearl!

Tampax Pocket Pearl

Pocket Pearl is the Pearl tampon, but now available in pocket size! The size is so discreet, you can tuck it into your bag or pocket without anyone ever knowing you are carrying it at all!

Don't let the size fool you though! Even though it's pocket sized, it still gives full sized protection! It also offers:

• Smooth extendable applicator
• Built In Backup­™ Braid that channels leaks back into the core
• Breakthrough wrapper, with discreet, easy-open tab
• Available in all the sizes you need!

I am a Target girl through and through, and I love how easy they make it to find the new Tampax Pocket Pearl. As soon as I got to the heath and beauty section, I spotted it right on the end cap display!

Tampax Pocket Pearls

That made me so happy, because nobody wants to stand in the feminine hygiene aisle longer than necessary. Am I right? 

If you are looking for full sized protection wrapped up in a convenient pocket sized product, head over to your nearest Target store to grab your box of Tampax Pocket Pearl!

Ladies, what do you carry in your handbag? Do you think the Tampax Pocket Pearl would help you live a little more discreetly? 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Monday, June 29, 2015

How We Are Beating The Summer Boredom Blues

The girls have been out of school for about 3 weeks, and I am pleased to say I haven't heard "I'm Bored!" once this summer. We have been finding little ways to fill our days with fun and excitement, and the best part is, we aren't spending a ton of money doing so.

With that said, I have made the decision that until school starts back up again this August, I'll be cutting way back on blogging and social media activities. I only have 2 more summers before Mariah heads off to college, and I want to be present for as much of her free time that I can. I still plan to blog here 2, maybe 3 times a week, and will do my best to make my blog rounds and answer emails as frequently as possible. I can't stay away from my readers and blog friends for too long without going crazy ;)

So, how have we been filling summer? Sadly, it's been raining almost every stinkin' day, but we aren't letting that dampen our spirits! Friday we decided that since we were going to be wet anyway, why not head to the splash pad for some water fun.

splash pad

We've been doing a little frog hunting.

frog catching

Having some park fun.

girl at park

At night we like to kick our feet up by the fire!

Going to the $1 theater, catching up on Netflix, and volunteering at the pet shelter are also great ways we've been filling in our days. As long as we are spending it together, we are finding the little joys in every day life. One thing that has really pleased me this summer, is watching my kids gain more confidence in the kitchen. The girls are taking turns making each other lunch, and I love that not only are they being kind to each other, they are learning a life long skill in the process. 

Here's some great news for parents. Your kids don't need to be a master chef to have fun in the kitchen. Family Finest is getting kids excited to get in the kitchen and create some delicious masterpieces.

 With their Make-n-Bake Pizza and Cookie Kits, kids can let their imaginations run wild, letting them express their creativity and gain confidence in the kitchen!

Family Finest Pizza Kit
Family Finest Cookie Kit
Our Make-N-Bake Pizza Paks include everything you need to turn boring pizza night into pizzazz night! Each pizza pak includes ingredients to make four personal homemade pizzas: authentic pizza dough, Italian pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and tangy pepperoni. To find the fresh taste of your next homemade pizza, look no further than the Dairy Aisle at your local Walmart store, we're better than any frozen pizza you'll find! 

Family Finest Make-N-Bake Pizza Paks are perfect for: after school snacks, Friday night family parties, college dorms, sleepovers, pool parties and appetizers. Easily make one to four homemade pizzas at a time with our convenient re-sealable cheese, pepperoni and sauce packs.

With a little help from mom or dad, the kits are a perfect way to introduce kids to the joy of cooking!

If you would like to learn more about Family Finest, be sure to visit their website. To see if Family Finest is sold at a Walmart near you, check out the store locator. Additionally, stay up to date on new products and promotions by following them on Facebook and Twitter!


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Friday, June 26, 2015

Apricot Fruit Dip

*Disclosure- I received the mentioned product courtesy of the sponsor for the purpose of this review. All opinions are genuine, based on my experience with the product, and have not been influenced by promotional items.

I don't know about you, but this time of year my fridge is overflowing with fresh fruits. There is nothing better than delicious summertime foods! Strawberries, cherries, blackberries, watermelon. It's all good! My family doesn't need any encouragement to reach for those fruits for snacking, but sometimes we like to kick it up a notch. I actually have a little chocolate fondu tower that I'll let the girls use with their fruits every now and again, but only for a once in a while treat as we do try to keep snacking on the healthy side around here. So, I was pretty intrigued when I found a recipe for Apricot Fruit Dip on Golden Blossom Honey that I thought would be a tasty and healthy way to add a little more flare to our fruits!

fruit dip

It's a light, tangy dip that is perfect for summer entertaining. The coconut gives it a tropical flare that is so tasty, and pairs well with a multitude of fruits. 

1 cup sour cream, light or regular
1/2 cup apricot preserves
1/2 cup toasted coconut*
1/3 cup walnuts, finely chopped

mixed fresh fruit such as chunks of cantaloupe, pineapple and mango


fruit dip

You can find this recipe, as well as many more delicious recipes right on the Golden Blossom Honey recipe page! Be sure to follow Golden Blossom Honey on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on new products and promotions.

If you like this recipe, be sure to come back every Friday, where I feature a new recipe from Golden Blossom Honey!

What's your favorite summertime fruit?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

It Doesn't Get Any Cuter Than Space Cat Cheeseburger Leggings! #spacecatslovecheeseburgers

*Disclosure- I received the mentioned product courtesy of the sponsor for the purpose of this review. All opinions are genuine, based on my experience with the product, and have not been influenced by promotional items. This post contains affiliate links. Please see my policy tab for more information.

My "me time" is going to the gym several times a week to take Zumba and Hip Hop Dance classes. I love learning new moves while working up a sweat. And, sweat we do! A lot of the girls that are in my class know that dressing as lightly as possible is key to keeping up with the instructor, because it really gets hot! We've long since ditched the workout pants, and most of us are now opting to wear thin tanks and leggings to class. For the past year, I've noticed most of the girls have also ditched the boring solid color leggings, and are wearing leggings with funky and fun prints. Not one to be left out, I have joined in with the crowd, proudly sporting my new Space Cats Love Cheeseburgers Leggings.

Cat leggings

Space Cat Cheeseburger Leggings

Kittens chasing cheeseburgers in space! Seriously, how cute are these?! Made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, the material is breathable, light weight, non see through and super comfortable. The graphics are bright and vibrant, and definitely attention grabbing. I received a ton of compliments when I started wearing them to class. True to size, there is plenty of room for stretch. If you normally wear a medium, order the medium! I've run across leggings in the past that are not true to size and don't give a lot of room for stretch, so I was a bit nervous and went with a large instead of a medium. They still fit great, but I think I would have liked the fit even better had I went with my gut and ordered my correct size.

space cat cheeseburger leggings

These leggings are great for wearing to your fitness classes, or even just to wear while running errands or lounging around the house. Made by Legz Unlimited, you can purchase Space Cats Love Cheeseburgers Leggings on Amazon for under $20!

Do you like to wear funky print leggings, or are you more for traditional solid colors?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Your College Student's First Apartment

A college student's first apartment offers an exciting opportunity to live independently for probably the first time ever. Just as important, getting an apartment provides a fun opportunity to decorate it as desired, often in unique and creative ways that Mom and Dad might not necessarily appreciate at home.

One thing to keep in mind for most college students is cost. Few can afford to decorate a place to live with all new furnishings. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to find innovative designs at cheap prices to decorate an apartment to suit an individual student's taste. Here are a few tried and proven strategies.


Graduating students often sell apartment or dorm furnishings dirt cheap. Check campus publications and ads as well as dorm or local apartment housing for fliers offering great deals. Families of college grads may also have extra furniture they want to dispose of if the graduate is relocating for a new job.

Thrift stores

Second-hand stores often feature used furniture at unbeatable prices. Bed frames, book stands, chairs, tables, desks, and sofas are periodically available. If you take advantage of daily store discounts, you can save even more. Goodwill, for example, has a daily color discount that slashes fifty percent off the purchase price. Donors are offered twenty-percent off coupons. Frequent shopper discounts may also be available.

Yard sales

From spring through autumn, yard sales and garage sales are good places to find cheap furniture and furnishings. Draperies are often on hand at bargain prices. Add ribbon, new hanging rings, or a tie-back for a fresh new look. Estate sales, tag sales, and auctions are more ways to get nice things at low cost.

Online ads

Craig's list and eBay are two popular places to buy inexpensive things for an apartment. Photos and descriptions may be posted for quick reference. As always, be careful and take someone along when going to see an item at an unknown location.

Campus surplus

Some college campuses offer occasional sales of surplus items like chairs and desks. Check with the campus facilities office to find out if sales will be held in the near future. Prices are usually extremely low, although selections may be limited.

Furniture outlets

Furniture stores sometimes have a discount room or area for items that can be bought cheaply. This is a good place to find an inexpensive kitchen table with a couple of chairs, a nightstand, or other supplemental furniture. Chances are the prices are a little higher than buying used items, but the tradeoff is these things are new and in mint condition.

Make it

Use personal or family creative talent to make some of your own furnishings or furniture. Curtains, bedspreads, and slipcovers help to dress up any room. Making your own with selected fabrics and a mother's loving touch makes them all the more meaningful. The same is true in woodworking. Making a table or other furniture items means they will always be special; having them in a student apartment will remind you of home and a parent's love.

After adding a fresh coat of paint to the apartment, furnishings can be coordinated to create a unique design or theme that will make the place all your own. Add house plants for a homey and healthy touch. Select used or inexpensive new dishware that goes with the kitchen colors and style. Get decorative throw pillows for the bed, sofa, or patio chairs to coordinate colors and patterns throughout the apartment. A table lamp and wall art will provide finishing touches to make the apartment unique and enjoyable for your college life.

Bio -

This guest post is courtesy of The Ivy Apartments located in Rexburg, Idaho. The Ivy is known for BYU-Idaho women’s housing and the amenities it provides resident students.

CarPET Scratch Stopper Now Available In Additional Sizes

*Disclosure: This was brought to you by and CarPET Scratch Stopper. Please see my policy tab for more information. 

Awhile back, I introduced you to an amazing product designed to save your carpets from those pesky kitty claws, called the CarPET Scratch Stopper. Cats (and some dogs!) don't like closed doors, and will let you know they aren't pleased by scratching at the carpet under the closed door. This makes an unsightly mess of torn up carpet that is not only ugly, but expensive to replace. With the CarPET Scratch Stopper, you don't have to worry about that anymore! Since it is made from durable plastic that barriers your cat's claws from shredding your precious carpet, you can be confident your carpet will be safe should you accidentally put kitty behind closed doors. Simply slide it under the the door, and you are good to go.

Since my last posting, demand for the product has increased, and the company is now offering additional sizes to meet customer's needs. Available for doors 28", 30", 32", 34" and 36", there's a size for pretty much any standard U.S. door.

The CarPET Scratch Stopper is durable & long-lasting, maintenance free, and is backed by a 5 year warranty.

If you would like to learn more about the CarPET Scratch Stopper, be sure to visit their website. Additionally, stay up to date on new happenings by following along on Facebook and Pinterest.
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