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Monday, January 14, 2013

Monster High Cookies!

My niece's 6th birthday is coming up here in a few days. We decided to have her birthday party on Saturday. She's kind of had a rough couple of days and I wanted to do something a little extra special for her birthday. She is a huge Monster High fan, but between my mom and her mom, she has all the dolls, clothes, and accessories. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do until my mom was complaining that she could not find a Monster High cake for her birthday. Here's where my light bulb moment turned on. What about Monster High cookies?

I have to admit, I have never tried decorating cookies before. The extent of cookie decorating for me is grabbing a butter knife and slapping some Betty Crocker frosting on top and calling it a day. I didn't even know what flood icing was until a few months ago when I saw it on Pinterest.

I found this Monster High Template from Mighty Delighty. Saved it to my computer, then resized it to fit my cookies. I went to Wilton's website and found a flood icing recipe and off to work I went.

Here was the finished product:

diy, cookie decorating, skulls

They aren't perfect by any means, but even I impressed myself for a first time cookie decorator!

And the birthday girl was super excited to receive them!


Any cake or cookie decorators out there? What's been your favorite design to put on confections?


  1. I still don't know what Flood Icing is, I'll have to look it up.

    The cookies came out just right, they look just like the picture on her shirt, and she's a little cutie! Good job, auntie. :)

  2. Are you kidding? Those came out AWESOME! You should be really proud of yourself.

  3. For some reason this blog always awakens my sweet tooth lol

    1. Yeah, we really like the sweets here lol.

  4. Those look pretty perfect to me and your niece looks very happy with them. They match her outfit perfect!

  5. Amazing!! And they look sooo yummy too! Your niece is absolutely adorable...look how happy she is! :) That makes it all worth it right now, when you see them smile like that ;)

  6. these are pretty perfect looking to me!!

  7. Aww your niece is so cute!!

    I think your cookies look incredible!

  8. hi Theresa, it is really cute. I am not much of a cookie/ baker, but I have been getting into it slowly too.

  9. Oh those are funnnnn!!!!! YAY for you and your niece! She looks so excited. I bet you are her favorite Aunt!

    I have to get my niece and nephew gifts for this weekend. They are both hard ages. One's in middle school and one is starting college next year. For Christmas I got the middle schooler a gift card to an electronic store here in Omaha and the soon to be college goer a sweatshirt from the college she wants to go to. Now I'm stumped! I'm thinking for the middle schooler I'll put money in balloons and fill a box up with them. For the other one I bought a lanyard to the college she wants to go to and a key keeper for her purse. I have to skimp on her because the sweatshirt cost a lot.

    For the future if you need more Monster High ideas, there's a website I found that shows how to make your own stencil for shirts: It's a viking tee, but you could make it a monster I'm sure. If you are that good with decorating cookies, you might be able to do that to.

    My favorite decorating things: I like the edible eyes I got at Thanksgiving time. They looked really funny and cute on my turkey cookies.

  10. Yes, he looks very happy with his cookies ...

  11. You are so talented!

  12. hi Theresa! That is such a fun idea. My granddaughter turns 7 in March. I will have to show your post to my daughter tomorrow (when I'm there to get my repaired computer back) and see if that would be cool for my K-girl.

  13. Great job my dear! I love decorating cookies. It's time consuming but so worth it!

  14. Oh wow!! those cookies surely look yummy. I love decorating cookies, easier than doing a whole cake :D


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