Theresa's Mixed Nuts: Angry Birds Are Coming To DVD & Digital This Week!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Angry Birds Are Coming To DVD & Digital This Week!

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Hippity Hoppity, Easter is on its way! Yep, it's about that time of year again, when Peter Cottontail will be passing though with goodies for all the girls and boys. My girls get so excited to see their baskets brimming with candies and a few trinkets, but it just wouldn't be Easter in our house without a new video in their baskets, too. It's something that's been included in their baskets since they were wee tots, and they look forward to the surprise of what title will be tucked among the other goodies each year. 

DVDs make the perfect basket filler because they are small, yet provide hours of entertainment! Now, just in time for Easter, you have the opportunity to grab 3 new Angry Birds Toons, all available March 1!

Angry Birds Movie

Angry Birds Toons: Season Two, Volume One

Angry Birds Toons

Synopsis: What do beards, boxing, saxophones, ice hockey, and nunchucks have in common?  They can all be found in Angry Birds Toons: Season Two – Volume Two of course – along with the kind of comedy hijinks you’ve come to expect from our feathered flock of misfits! Angry Birds Toons: Season Two – Volume Two features the final 13 mini-episodes from the second season with a run time of approximately 36 minutes. The collection is not rated.

Angry Birds Stella, The Complete Second Season

Angry Birds Stella

Synopsis: The Golden Egg mystery continues in Season Two of Stella’s animated series. Stella and her feathered friends make an amazing discovery that rocks Golden Island to its molten core – the location of the lost Golden Egg!  It doesn’t take long for the flock to find out that the Golden Egg has some serious power – anything that touches it turns to gold!  With Golden Eggs comes great responsibility. Dahlia hatches a plan to snatch it – for scientific purposes of course, only the egg has some fearsome looking guardians. Angry Birds Stella: Season Two features all 13 episodes from the second season with a run time of approximately 78 minutes.  The collection is not rated.

Piggy Tales: Season Two- Pigs At Work 

Piggy Tales
Synopsis: CAUTION: Pigs at work. Go on the job with the well-meaning but absent-minded working pigs of ANGRY BIRDS and find out how Pig City is constructed (and deconstructed) in this collection of hilarious animated shorts. Number of episodes: 26. Number of safety violations: too many to count. Piggy Tales: Pigs At Work features 26 episodes from the second season with a run time of approximately 30 minutes. The collection is not rated.

Be sure to grab your copies of these fun, family friendly Angry Birds Toons starting March 1, available at most major retailers nationwide! 

What movies will you be including in your child's Easter basket this year?



  1. Stella looks delightful, unlike the rest of them angry birds! Why would someone put angry in a kids' cartoon? :)
    When is Easter coming this year?

    1. It's March 27. Hardly worth taking down my St. Patrick's Day decorations to put up the Easter ones. I hate how early it is this year!

  2. The easter bunny may have a hard time catching those angry birds.

  3. These are great to put in the baskets. My son loves Angry Birds. I like 'em quite a bit too. ;) I used to be pretty mean w/that slingshot once upon a time (only virtually, lol).

  4. My kids will be so excited to hear this. They LOVE the Angry Birds!

  5. I have all girls so I am sure the Easter bunny would put Stella in one of their baskets. It looks so cute.

  6. Angry Birds is so popular. I remember when the game first came out and my niece was obsessed with it.

  7. Oh who doesn't like Angry Birds? I've even caught my husband playing it on is phone!

  8. I'm sure my kids are going to love this! It looks so funny!

  9. Oh how exciting. It will be great to see those characters in action on screen.

  10. Oh for fun. My kiddos are going to love this! This looks really fun to watch.

  11. I’ve seen the trailer of Angry Birds on YouTube. I think the movie is fun and adorable. Thanks for this.

  12. My my time really flies!! To think we just passed Christmas and the New Year haha... the movies look like something Lil Pumpkin will like too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  13. I didn't realize Angry Birds was still so popular. They've been angry for years. The Piggy one looks fun and silly.
    Be well, Theresa.

  14. My son is a huge fan of Angry Birds. I've heard him watching the Angry Birds on the iPhone a few times lol

  15. My son wants to see the new movie coming out. I was surprised that they were still a thing. Lol

  16. Omg angry birds on DVD?!?! My daughter will be super exited about that!

  17. My kids like Angry Birds. I'm sure they'd love some of these.

  18. My kids like Angry Birds. I'm sure they'd love some of these.

  19. for sure Bo et Obi will enjoy itu sooo very much :)


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