Theresa's Mixed Nuts: Thermostat Wars! The Struggle Is Real!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Thermostat Wars! The Struggle Is Real!

What an odd winter we are having here in Indiana! Last year it snowed on Halloween and didn't let up until April. This year, we only had one day of snowfall and another day of light dusting. Here it is, a few weeks before Christmas and no snow! And, you know what? That makes me so happy because I don't like that stinkin' snow! Not one little bit! No, I don't dream of white Christmases. I dream of Christmas with my butt parked on sandy beach, sipping a fruity beverage though an umbrella straw. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen this year, but my dream of a snow-free winter lives on.

Even though the days are sunny and lacking snow, that doesn't mean that the heat stuck around. I'm pretty sure it was smarter than me and high-tailed it to Hawaii. With the dip in temperature, in my house we see a rise in tempers. There's been quite a disagreement over deciding thermostat settings for the winter. Thermostat wars are real, folks! Jason is usually hot and prefers cooler temperatures in the house. The girls and I would like it to be a little closer to Death Valley heat. All these temperature disagreements are giving our thermostat quite a workout this winter.

We have slowly been coming to a mutual heat setting agreement, though. So Jason can keep the house at a frigid 67 degrees, the girls and I have managed to work out a compromise. Here are some tips to stay warm indoors during the winter months without blasting the heater.

• Use a heated blanket or throw.
• Invest in a heated mattress pad.
• Wear multiple layers of clothes.
• Change into warm pajamas. I also like to put on some warm, fuzzy socks when possible.
• Sip a hot drink, like tea or cocoa.
Eat a warm bowl of soup.
• Take a hot bath or shower.
• Bake something. The heat from the oven will heat up the kitchen and keep you warm.
• Lay throw rugs onto hard surface flooring to keep your feet from freezing when they hit the ground.
• Snuggle with the pets! They give off a lot of warmth with their body heat!
• Exercise. Not only is this good for you, you'll feel the warming effects soon enough!

Normally, I prefer a 72 degree house, but we have found middle ground by incorporating these few compromises into out daily routine to keep everyone happy.

What are some ways you stay warm without cranking up the heat in the winter?


  1. I am with you on the 72 degrees and we are having the same winter here in Boston. It's been so warm. The weather guy said a couple of weeks ago that if you have a mild November, it typically means a warm winter. I hope so because the 4 feet we had at once last year SUCKED!

    1. You guys got hit pretty hard last year! We got dumped on too, but nowhere near as bad as MA! Fingers crossed we both have mild winters this year. I think we are overdue!

  2. as usual me is more like Jason... I can't stand it when it is too hot!

    1. I would rather sweat to death than freeze to death. I bask in the heat! I love it!

  3. I got mine cranked up to 74 haha the cats don't complain. No snow sure works for me too, hate that crap.

  4. I must be a wuss, because even in South Carolina I keep the heat on 72. Although, I do have to have a fan running in the bedroom when I sleep - year round! I like your list - we keep throw blankets around, and frequently sport our pjs and fuzzy socks. :) I usually only drink coffee in the morning, but on a cold day I've been known to perk an extra pot later in the day...not a huge tea person (unless it's iced and very sweet), but enjoy a warm apple cider during the fall and winter months. Yum!!

    1. We keep the fan in the bedroom on year round also, but since I bought a heated mattress pad, I don't mind so much in the winter anymore. I lived in South Carolina when I was little and I sure do miss those temperatures you guys get! We are seriously considering moving back to South Carolina once the youngest moves out.

    2. I've been in SC since I was two - I couldn't imagine living anywhere else...especially somewhere cold! LOL! Plus we are 30 minutes from the beach, and 2 hours from the of both worlds. :)

  5. My parents fought over this all the time. I told Travis to just take charge. If I complain then I add more clothes. I like to be hot over cold.

  6. The thermostat battle really is a real one. The a/c battle is too. I see it all the time with most everyone I know!


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