Theresa's Mixed Nuts: Is Mystery Shopping the Right Job for You?

Friday, July 17, 2015

Is Mystery Shopping the Right Job for You?

Mystery shoppers visit stores and other businesses to report on the quality of their products and customer service. They do this in secret to ensure that staff members treat them the same way as other customers. This supplies companies with valuable data and helps them to make improvements. Mystery shopping is a desirable job for people with a keen attention to detail and enjoy traveling.

What's Required?

To work as a mystery shopper on a regular basis, you'll need a reliable vehicle and a computer with an Internet connection. Some people also use small cameras or recorders when performing this work, but the company may supply this equipment. The job normally doesn't require any educational degrees or certificates.


● This is an excellent line of work for anyone who likes variety. Mystery shoppers often get to visit a wide range of stores, eateries, lodging establishments, theaters and even car dealerships.

● If you become employed in this field, the company will reimburse you for purchases. It may also provide travel compensation or even let you stay overnight for free during trips to distant stores.

● This job is a great choice if you want a chance to visit top-notch hotels and high-end shops. You may be able to experience the height of luxury without paying for it.

● Mystery shoppers help businesses enhance goods and services. Companies use their discoveries to fix serious problems. If you want to perform work that benefits the public, this is an excellent option.

● You'll be able to set up your schedule in a flexible way and decide how many hours you want to work. However, some firms will limit the amount of time that you spend at each location.



● You won't succeed at this job if you aren't able to notice and pay attention to detail. It can also be difficult to set aside existing opinions and look at every business objectively.

● Most mystery shoppers must follow very specific instructions and collect data on many different aspects of an establishment. This can make it less enjoyable to visit a restaurant, shop or hotel.

● To work full time, you may need to travel extensively every year (commuting to and from shops). This can be tiring, and you'll probably need to replace your vehicle more often than you would in most other lines of work.

● It's can be harder to make a living in mystery shopping. Companies often pay by the assignment, so there's no guarantee that you'll earn minimum wage. Some firms only provide "free" products and services.

● Although it would be more efficient, you can't expect to always schedule back-to-back visits to nearbyshops. One problem is that it's hard to predict how long each store visit will take and what is required for that particular shop.

Mystery shopping may be right for you if you have excellent observation skills and a good memory. It's probably not a suitable job for someone who likes predictable routines. This line of work offers great fringe benefits and provides many opportunities to visit new places. However, many people want to become mystery shoppers, so some companies offer little compensation. Do your research and find the companies that you prefer to work with that pay a fair wage for each shop.

Bio -

The guest post contribution is courtesy of Sentry Marketing Group. SMG coordinates mystery shopping in Dallas as well as customer surveys and other research services for businesses.


  1. we have it in my country too... I'd always fancied doing it..... especially since I have an eagle eye for spotting what's wrong in shops :)

  2. I actually considered doing this for a while. It sounds like it would be a fun job.

  3. Would be interesting to do for a while, but there are a few mystery shopping things that are scams too. So have to watch.

  4. I actually did do Mystery Shopping for about 2 years and did enjoy it. However I had t stop because the price of gas escalated and the places that I could go to were so far apart from each other. You really can make money doing this-I did-and every so often I still do.

  5. My mom's friend used to do this. She apparently didn't get much work

  6. I had thought of mystery shopping earlier this year when blogging and writing hit a slump. It looks a great career.

  7. I looked into that at one time, but I didn't want to pay for things myself and be reimbursed. Also, I am far too lazy to fill out the very detailed paperwork. Otherwise, it sounds awesome to be paid to shop!

  8. Hmmm ... I never heard of this before. It does sound like a great opportunity for the right person. Free hotel stays are fun :)

  9. I looked into this at one point and when I saw the compensation for most of the jobs in my area realized that it would not even cover the gas to get to the location to then pay out of pocket to shop. You then have to hope you get your money back. Hopefully it is different in other areas.

  10. I am actually registered as a mystery shopper at one of an online provider/agents, but they are more into electronic items and I lose interest to pursue ha ha...Mystery shopper for hotels and restaurants are more interesting :D

  11. I'd be good at it. Real good. Ha!

  12. Getting paid to shop? Now there's a job I could get into. ;) I have wondered about it and now I'm happy to learn more. :)

  13. I have done mystery shopping before and it's really fun!

  14. I wouldn't mind being a mystery shopper. Might be something that would keep me out of trouble.

  15. I think it would be really fun to do. I had a mystery shopper come by my work when I worked retail many moons ago. They liked my service. That was nice to hear. Instead of a raise though - they gave me a candy bar. I didn't know how I felt about that.


Thanks for your comments! I appreciate every one of them :)

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