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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On The News

My husband calls me every day when he is on his way home from work. Tuesday, our conversation went like this:

Jason- My dad just called and said he just saw Allison on the news. What's that all about?
Me- I don't know. First I've heard about it.

Me to Allison- Was the news at your school today?
Allison- No, they were there on Thursday.
Me- What for?
Allison- I don't know. They just did video of our class, then left.
Me- Well, you were on the news today.
Allison- I know. And there was a big close up of me!
Me- You didn't think to mention it to us that you were going to be on the news?
Allison- ....... blank stare.

I remember when I was little, getting on the news was a huge deal! Has something changed where it's just an eh, whatever! moment now? We used to sit around with baited breath waiting for our short 2 second clip to featured, then felt so cool that we were on tv. Maybe with all the social media today, having your photo on the news is just another drop in the bucket?

By the way, here is her close up. The news was covering the standardized tests that the kids are taking this week.

 Have you ever been on the news? If so, what for?


  1. Awww... She looks cute! I was on the news for meeting a sculptor that just installed a piece by the airport when I was younger. I was so excited.

    But ya Mica was a winner of the Science festival one year, and a 2nd runner up the next year...he did not even tell me. Maybe it's their generation.

  2. She's famous! Haha. Well in the social media age kids don't feel it's as big of a deal to be on the tube I suppose.

  3. I can't believe she was so nonchalant about it LOL. My kids would have made me print posters out of the stills of the paused tv if they were on the news.

  4. Was on the news once, when my apt building burned down. With youtube though it is kinda pointless this day and age it seems

  5. I have....and it was soooo was one of the presidential visit and I was on duty ...I didn't notice that until my friends told me that they saw me on TV :D>...

  6. if I ever get on the news I couldn't resist saying "I got bronchitis, ain't nobody got time for that".

  7. I think it's cool she was on the news! My husband's back was recently on the news when a segment was done at a local restaurant.

  8. I have not been on the news. As you said if we come in news i used to tell to all and tell them to see, but it is very different to hear your kid sitting calm about it.

  9. I think it's exciting your daughter was on the news. :) I remember getting geeked over a newspaper mention for me or the kids, and hubby's got all of his newspaper mentions since he was in school saved in a scrapbook, lol. Times they are a'changin' ;)

  10. Great for her! No, never been on the news and do not want to be, lol

  11. Awwww how neat!! So funny that she never thought to mention it LOL. I agree with you, when we were young, it was a BIG deal to be on the news or newspaper. I guess with technology and Facetime now, it's not such a big deal to the young anymore lol. I think I was on the news briefly before during a Santa Claus parade lol

  12. Wow getting on the news is still a big deal to me!! Haha.. It's funny that the school didn't inform you either though ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  13. Well I guess being on camera is no big deal to her. You just might have an actress on your hands. I have never been on the news .. ever!!

  14. I guess kids these days are used to publicity with all the social media in their lives! BTW, can I get her autograph???? I want to be there at the beginning!!!

  15. aw, that's awesome! i'm so excited for her!

    happy weekend~

  16. If I was her, I would have been so excited! I'd still be excited to be on tv, hahah.

  17. Kids! That is so cute. I'm glad they didn't come to our school for the start of ISTEP because I was running around like a panicked maniac.
    Once the Chicago news came to our high school because there was a flu epidemic and over 50% of the student body was absent.

  18. I'm surprised she treated it like no big deal. I'd be excited if I was on the news.


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