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Monday, December 23, 2013

Working For Charity & Target Angels

We have always tried to make our children aware that there are others less fortunate than they are. We try to find ways to teach them to be charitable, not only at Christmas, but all year long. Allison decided to start her own savings this year to buy toys for those in need by doing small tasks for cash. All year long she has been posting these little signs all over the house:

She also tried starting a few of her own little businesses, like carnival games and selling rock paintings, but living on a dead end street doesn't make for many customers.

Waiting for customers is tiring work!

To keep it at a level they would understand, we try to have the girls adopt a child through the school's angel tree each year. Each girl must pick a girl their own age because we feel like it would hit a little closer to home that there are girls out there just like them who aren't as fortunate as they are. The school usually asks for 1 toy and 1 shirt for the child adopted. This year they didn't run the program, but we did find another tree at the mall to select a child from. Since this tree was asking for 5 items, and the wishlists had more expensive items (bedding, boots, winter coats, ect), we were only able to adopt 1 little girl, Allison's age. Pooling the money together, we were able to complete her wishlist, then some!

A few days after we delivered the gifts, the girls were shopping at Target with their grandmother, who was letting them pick out their own Christmas gifts. At the register, 2 college age girls slapped $100 dollars on the checkout and told the cashier to put it towards their bill.

I have often wondered if my girls really "got it" what we do for charity. Yes, they know it's good to give, but do they really know what their donations mean to those who receive them? This was their first time being on the receiving end of a gift from a stranger, and the joy it filled them with was way more than the few toys they received. I do think they "get it" completely now. They couldn't stop talking about how nice it was for 2 strangers to want to do something that nice, just for them. I will always be thankful to the two Target angels who gave them that experience and completed the lesson on giving.

Did you do anything charitable for those in need this holiday season?


  1. Awwww, look how happy and proud they look to be making one girl's Chrismas wish come true. We usually pick a name from a tree at our local church, but Chris & I do that. My boys give to Toys for Tots.

  2. Such a lovely story! Seems like you have good kids and you're a good parent for teaching them how fortunate they are while some other kids aren't

  3. Such a great thing to do and learn, especially able to see it on the receiving end. I've done the family gift thing at work.

  4. Good for them! It looks like they do have some stuff to donate. I've adopted a few families throughout the years, and donated toys. We haven't gotten our kids involved yet. I was waiting until Isaak gets to be Mica's age.

    BTW my boss is swiping my computer to give me a new one. I'll be off line until after Christmas. So...Merry Christmas!

  5. We collect coats all year when we see them on sale and deliver them to the shelter. I used to go to the homeless shelter, but it's gotten scary there and I don't want to take the kids (the last time I went a woman was running up to my car as I was trying to park, trying to get me to take her somewhere, I'm sure not good). We go to the domestic violence shelter now and donate.Unfortunately there's always kids there too, and many of the moms left with nothing but themselves and their children, so the coats (and diapers too) are always welcome.

    We donate toys, the kids and I just took arms full to the box at WalMart, and usually, though we didn't this year, we donate our time too, in more than one place.

    My kids all make fun of me (except the youngest of course) but they all pitch right in and help too. I think it'll stick with them. :)

    And Hurrah for the girls at Target!!! That was super nice, and it does my heart good to hear they were college-aged kids. :) It was a nice way to bring the lesson full circle for your girls. Awesome. :)

  6. Oh Awesome and Amazing! Giving is so great when it is done that way {freely and charitably}. Theresa you are a strong influence on Allison being so willing or hopeful. Just imagine how she will be in high school when Food Drives or other necessary donation causes are presented to her. You are doing the right stuff, girlfriend! {and ...btw, her little chart and the art is priceless}

    1. oh and please see my post tomorrow. you'll love it {not doing ww linky tomorrow}.

  7. a co-worker (who's like 19) said he hasn't had christmas presents in years. His parents got medical bills they couldn't handle, and apparently they couldn't do much after that. A little sad

  8. I'm here to wish you and your lovely family a Merry Christmas, and I laughed again at your daughter resting on the job. Best picture ever, hahahahhaan Waiting is hard work!

  9. What a great read Theresa!! I love hearing about people opening up their hearts!! What a great thing to happen to your girls!

  10. It is so much more fun to buy for others... at least I think that way. That little girl you picked is going to be one happy young lady come tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  11. This is an amazing story and really, how nice are those 2 college girls! Merry Christmas to you and your family.. thank you for reminding us about the true spirit of this season.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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