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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keeping Yourself Healthy for the Sake of Those Around You

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For many parents, keeping their kids healthy can seem like a full-time job.

In many instances, parents end up being the ones sick, letting the stress of taking care of their children 24/7 finally get to them over time. First and foremost, keeping yourself healthy is critical so you can provide for your children as they grow up.

As many parents discover, sometimes even a solid insurance policy does not cover all of one’s needs, especially when health matters turn serious. When that happens, parents can end up neglecting a visit to the doctor’s office, making a manageable issue turn into something more serious.

In many cases, a parent or parents will take whatever insurance coverage is available to them at their place of employment, often times not knowing entirely what is and is not covered. When they need coverage, they find out what they thought was covered is only partially or not even covered, leaving them with hesitancy to seek help for themselves.

For many individuals, it all starts with selecting the right health care model in the first place, such as a personalized healthcare model.

In using such a model, parents can find a wellness program tailored to their medical needs, often times avoiding the problem of numerous medical visits and big bills.

Many People Still Go Without Coverage

If you find yourself and/or your family avoiding routine visits to the doctor’s office because of minimal or no health insurance, you are not alone.

According to recent numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 45 million Americans find themselves without proper coverage.

Before you automatically think that is all of those individuals who are without work, think again. A sizable portion of Americans work, yet can’t afford decent health care coverage for a number of different reasons.

When Searching for Coverage

In the event you find yourself looking for coverage, keep in mind a few factors:

1. Your health history - Most if not all insurers will be very interested in your medical background before considering coverage. The worst thing you can do is lie on an application, because sooner or later the truth will come out. Even though some can and have been turned down for something as simple as acid reflux, always be up front on any paperwork about current or prior health issues. That said, also work with your doctor on illness and injury prevention, thereby lessening the chances that you will need to use your coverage too often for doctor visits, medical emergencies etc.;

2. Shop around - Make sure you get quotes from a number of providers, allowing you to pick and choose the best plan for you and/or your kids. Always read the fine print, as some plans actually are too good to be true. Know the deductibles, along with any calendar year dates that could determine whether or not something is covered. While shopping around, get referrals from friends, family, and others on who they use;

3. Monitor the plan - With many things costing more these days, by all means add health care coverage to that list. It is important to keep an eye out for rate increases and changes to the plan you finally do select. If the prices seem to be changing too often for your liking, then consider going with another plan, though remember that many companies are charging more these days given the increase in expenses for medical care.

With all the responsibilities that come with being a parent, finding the right health care coverage for you and your family should be very high on the list.

And remember, it all starts with practicing preventative medicine so you lessen the chances of needing all that insurance in the first place.

Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing health options for her family. You can connect with her on Google+.

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  1. Thankfully it is free up here, but doctors are about as helpful as being shot in the foot

  2. It is sad, but very true. Health care insurance has gone down the toilet and it's just not right.

  3. Very thankful for our health care in Canada. Any health care has their hiccups, but I'm thankful that even despite wait times here sometimes, that things are almost always covered, especially having a hubby with Muscular Dystrophy. The majority of doctors here have been amazing for us, very patient and attentive. So important for Americans to have proper coverage!

  4. Oh my gosh... I don't even want to get started about health care... I am trying to keep myself as healthy as possible so I can stay away from Drs.

  5. This is true, as I am doing everything I can to help my health before I get worst. Maintenance is required.

  6. Right now we are on full medical plan by the company J's currently working with. But we also have our own medical insurance. So we are pretty much ok now.


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