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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Does My Child Need a Tutor?

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It is that time of year again: back to school. Commercials tout the message with their neon backpacks and converse sneakers. In the stores, markers and notebooks are on sale for incredibly low prices. Although the new year can present some potentially scary changes, many youngsters are still excited about returning to classes to see their friends.

But as the first month of school ends it is usual for kids to come home in the afternoon and announce, “Mommy, I can’t do this. I don’t like school anymore.” So as school begins again this fall, it is important to keep an observant ear and eye on the lookout for signs that your child may be need tutoring. Knowing the first signs that your child might benefit from some extra assistance can help to amend the difficulty right away and get your son or daughter back on track to enjoying their educational experience.

How to Spot the Signs

A center director for Sylvan Learning Center, Nadine Norland encourages parents that “The earlier you can catch the problem, the better.” Some signs to look out for are repeated frustration and crying over homework when the child is truly trying. While some children can be easily helped by their parents, other kids may resist a parent’s help with difficult subjects. In these situations, hiring a tutor who is removed from the situation might help the child. Many kids do not want to tackle subjects with their parents and will protest that they are just “not good at it.” With outside help, a child may be more willing to be led through a subject that does not come as easily.

Another clue may appear in a child’s embarrassment or lack of self-confidence. It is easy for kids to being to feel that they are “dumb” because they “don’t get it” when other classmates breeze through easily. In this type of case, a tutor can help instill confidence because they are someone outside the family encouraging and acknowledging the child’s strengths.

How to Help 

In addition to finding a tutor who
•Makes learning more fun
•Is positive and upbeat and
•Is someone who your child respects and listens to,
there are several ways that parents can encourage their children at home. These include increased communication with your child. Making sure that your family talks openly on a regular basis will make it easier for your little student to approach you will problems they may be having at school, whether with a subject, teacher or other student.

Read Aloud

Another incredible valuable tool that is simple to use is the practice of regularly reading to your child. Reading aloud is proven technique for increasing children’s comprehension, listening abilities and vocabularies. In addition, it is a wonderful time for bonding with your kids. reports that while teachers have always recommending reading out loud to young children and elementary students, recent studies who that the benefits of reading to your children continue through middle and high school as it stimulates kids’ imaginations, models positive reading behaviors and exposes them to different genres of literature. These skills can impact every other school subject and help prepare students for college.

Author Bio:  Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing health options for her family.

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  1. Its kinda crazy you'd post this. I have been having a tutor situation.
    My kids are V naughty and i had hired a tutor two years back.She lived nearby and kids used to go. She was damn STRICT. With time kids started feeling really scared. Their marks were great. Took me A long time to realize that her way was not cool and I found a new one.
    She on the other hand charged 100$ for the boys (per month) and well she sucked.
    Kids were going there till Monday. This tutor was very carefree and kids grades dropped. I took up teaching majorly with boys.
    So now Im hunting a tutor....found one who seems to be teaching allright, and knows what she is walking into.(pretty economic fee wise)
    Lets see how this rolls.

    Good luck with school ans take care.
    Leme know what you think.

  2. My little man is only going into first grade, but he has a SHORT attention span & I think we may need a tutor at some point.

  3. Surprising how many don't read to their kids now a days

  4. I definitely needed a tutor when I was little...I had the world's shortest attention span :)

  5. I had a tutor in geometry and so did my daughter. My son had it in something I can't remember. And my grandson too. I think everyone needs a little help now and then.

  6. A tutor is a great option to just letting the kids pass through, and I agree, if you catch the need early, even better!!

  7. I had to have one. I struggled in school with my early years. So far my kids are doing fine.

  8. Very interesting Theresa! Many parents need to read this. Schools reopen in Jamaica in early September.

  9. Tutors are a great idea for kids that need the extra help! It helps them feel more confident, especially if they're struggling and aren't sure where to turn.

  10. My one Granddaughter had to have a tutor and it worked out great for her.

  11. I remember that my sister went to a tutor to help with her reading and it made all the difference in the world for her!


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