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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pinterest, You Are No Good For Me

I knew it. Pinterest was going to get me in trouble some day. I have been adding a new kick to dinner around here with all the fab recipes I have been finding there, and decided to try out a new one the other day. I took my laptop into the kitchen, and must have been daydreaming about how yummy dinner was going to be, because I went to set my laptop on the counter and MISSED it! BANG! It hit the floor with an ugly thud! Yep, it's broken and is now sitting in the laptop hospital while I pace back and forth waiting for a call to come pick it up.

Needless to say, blogging has been at a standstill. I am using my very old, very big, P.O.S. laptop that is about to take its last breath any day now, to answer a few emails. See what I am working with here:

Not only am I missing keys (Don't ask), but I am holding my breath, hoping to get this blog post up before it locks up or goes kaput. Hopefully I'll be back to my old ways by Friday, hopping back around to each of your blogs and catching up on comments. 

While you are probably saving $ from all the home made cleaning solutions and home tips found on Pinterest, a little word to the wise. Just print out your recipes instead of dragging the computer into the kitchen. You'll save even more that way than a costly laptop repair.

Take Care Bloggy Friends :)


  1. Oh no!! My Daughters boyfriend dropped hers a couple of weeks ago. Lucky for her he also fixes computers.

  2. interesting post! I will also sleep on it..

  3. I was at a presentation last summer and one of the gals talking had her Mac precariously perched on the edge of her hand while she was talking (using her hands to speak). She was making me so nervous that she'd drop it that I can't even remember what she was saying.

    I'm sorry to hear yours took a dive, and hope your baby comes back from the PC hospital soon.

  4. I hope it's not super expensive to fix! One of my students just dropped his brand new MacBook. The screen shattered. It's $700 to fix it. :(

  5. Oh no! That's awful :( I don't take my laptop in the kitchen...ever...for the very reason LOL. The only thing I use in the kitchen is the iPad on the counter sometimes...but I'll have to be extra careful about dropping it after reading this! Hope you get your laptop back soon!!

  6. Hope it can be fixed! Pinterest gets me in trouble as makes me hungry all the time :)

  7. Damn that sucks indeed, pinterest sounds like quite the addicting and hazardous feed.

  8. I knew Pinterest was time-consuming but I didn't realise it "ruined lives" too! Hope your laptop can be fixed too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. Oh no! That stinks. I've dropped laptops before....yes, plural. I work from home, so I am always on my laptop and I swear that using mine so much, they don't last all that long - especially when I drop them.


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