Theresa's Mixed Nuts: Encouraging Healthy Habits With Your Kids Through Sports

Monday, February 18, 2013

Encouraging Healthy Habits With Your Kids Through Sports

These days, it's easy for kids to become overweight and unhealthy due to the rampant availability
of distracting devices that consume their time and energy. Video games, cell phones, computers
and other electronic devices can occupy hours of time for your teenagers and younger kids.
However, you do not have to sit idly by and let your kids wither away their best years. By
encouraging your children to participate in sports, you can encourage healthy habits in your kids
that can last for years.

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Physical Benefits of Participating in Sports

Regularly participating in sports can provide many benefits. In addition to getting your kids to
meet new friends and learn leadership and teamwork skills, participating in sports provides many
health benefits. These activities also help kids develop healthy habits while they are younger and
encourage long-term participation in physical activity. Research has also indicated that a child's
psychological health can be positively affected when he or she plays in sports. Kids' levels of
depression and anxiety are reduced when they participate in sports. Playing sports also help kids
develop higher self-esteem.

Other Benefits of Participating in Sports

Kids who participate in sports on a regular basis may have a higher likelihood of having good
grades in school. Additionally, kids may develop a better relationship with their parents if they
participate in the sport with their kids or cheer for them on the sidelines. Kids can also develop
skills that can help them in other facets of their life. They can learn important lessons and
develop characteristics, such as cooperation, respect for others, leadership, higher level thinking
and self-discipline. Children that participate in sports are linked with a lower high school dropout
rate and a higher rate of deterrence for delinquency. Girls who participate in sports are less likely
to get pregnant while young and are more likely to wait longer for their first sexual encounter.

Sports Statistics

Many children in the United States enjoy playing sports. Approximately 20 million kids between
the ages of six and 16 play sports outside of school. About 25 million kids in the same age group
play competitive school sports.

Team Sports

If your child wants to participate with other kids around his or her age, there are several options.
The most popular sports for kids between the ages of six and 17 are basketball, baseball, soccer,
touch football and volleyball. However, there are other sports that kids might enjoy in which
they can work together as a team. For example, a swim team, dance team or rugby team might be
perfect for your child. Bowling is another activity that many kids enjoy and bowling alleys often
help leagues form to compete against each other.

Individual Sports

If your child does not want to participate in a team sport, he or she may still enjoy other sports.
Biking, golfing and swimming allow a child to participate as an individual or in a team.


Age to Participate

It is never too early to start teaching kids about sports and physical activities. More organized
sports may form by the time that a child is four or five years old.

Where to Find Sport Leagues

Sports leagues are established in a variety of places. Kids may be able to join sports teams at
their schools. Kids can also participate in community leagues that may not have as large of an
emphasis on winning as school sports. Kids can also potentially participate in sports at churches
or other religious centers. Community centers and related organizations often offer sports teams
and opportunities for kids. Parents may also want to gather sports equipment together to practice
or play sports at the home.

Key to Success

In order to successfully implement sports into a child's life, it is important to choose a sport that
he or she has a real interest in. It is not about choosing a sport that the parent participated in or
enjoys. This may require thinking outside the box, such as considering a sport like badminton or
archery. In the end, your kid will be happy, active and encouraged to try out other activities that
can help lead to a healthy lifestyle in the future.

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  1. I do probiotics daily.... except when I am doing a cleanse which is right now!! I don't think I would be as healthy as I am without them.

    1. My gastroenterologist encourages probiotic use at every visit. They have surely made a difference in my health too!

  2. Yep played sports all through the years, really do have tons of benefits, Although crazy screaming parents aren't one of them lol

    1. I agree. Sports are so much more fun without those crazy screaming parents lol.

  3. I agree that sports are great for the reasons listed, especially when they start young. We had a middle schooler attempt to do baseball (he hadn't played since T-Ball), and that was kind of a disaster. Everyone else was awesome and he was new at it, and of course the parents aren't really supportive in a situation like that if a kid's learning and doesn't have a natural awesome talent at that point. Luckily that same child had other interests he'd been in and good at since he was little, so it kind of rolled off of him. It could have been harsh for his self-esteem though, if that was the only thing he'd been interested at the time. I understand competition, and I like it too, but parents really could lighten up a bit when it comes to how they behave for the kiddos sports.

    I enjoyed the points made in the post.

    1. I always hated going to my daughter's basketball games because of the parents that would coach from the sidelines. They would scream at their kids and it just left me feeling sorry for the child and angry at the parent. Not every child is going to excel at every sport. I wish parents would realize that and just let their kids have fun while figuring it out themselves!

  4. I never played any sports when I was younger and I am sure paying for that now! I love playing baseball with my son even though I look like the Volkswagon commercial! Ha! We have fun though. Have a great day!

  5. It is really great to keep kids going. If they don't learn it from you they won't learn it. I can't believe how many kids have come to our house that won't eat veggies at all.

  6. Fun and lovely photo, very sweet face.

  7. Awesome post Theresa! Thank you.

    and ...THANK YOU for your nice birthday smile you gave my way. Loving it. My daughters [and their great hubby's and kids] are taking me and my HM out to dinner tonight at ... wait for it ... Cheesecake FACTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAY!

  8. I totally agree that putting children in sports is SO good for them. I especially agree that they can be introduced as young as possible!

  9. I have my kid in every sport she can attend based on our schedule now. So totally agree with you here!

  10. What a great post! I hate that kids are consumed by technology (but we as adults are just as guilty!!!) I'm so glad my parents instilled a love of athleticism in me at a young age. Growing up, I was on the swim team, cheerleading squad, dance team, and I ran about three times a week. It helped keep me in great shape, but it also carried on into my adult life as well! Still love exercise (although I don't do quite as much as I once did) :)

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  12. We've tried just about every sport possible with my oldest son. He's 8 now and we ended up trying him in karate last fall and he's finally found his "thing". Some kids just aren't athletic and he's one of them. My 5 year old on the other hand is going to be trying his luck at tee-ball starting in April and I have a feeling he'll be way more into the sports thing than his big brother.

  13. Sports are such a great way for kids to socialize and be active. And they usually LOVE it too! So much fun if they enjoy it. My son loves baseball and he'll be playing again this year.

  14. My older two were never into any sports. My son was big into Boy Scouts, and my middle daughter is into music, but I finally got a sporty one in Autumn :)

  15. i can testify that dance taught my daughter a lot of wonderful lessons! great post :)

  16. Basketball really helped my son this year. He's really not very athletic, and was probably the worst kid on the team at first. He got quite a bit better, though, as the season went on. But mainly what it helped him with was realizing that he didn't have to be the BEST at everything. As far as regular school work goes, he's one of the best at everything, and picks things up fairly quickly. He cried about basketball 2 or 3 different times because he said it was too hard and the other kids were better than him. We told him he couldn't quit during the season, but he didn't have to play again next year. He stuck it out, and they had their last game on Saturday. He's already excited about playing NEXT year.

  17. I agree with you. Sport helped my kid get rid of autism


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