Theresa's Mixed Nuts: Super Bowl: What's more important- Food or the Game?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Super Bowl: What's more important- Food or the Game?

“Hey, did you hear Notre Dame lost?” This was said to my husband by my darling 6 year old niece when she noticed him wearing his Fighting Irish sweatshirt last week. While we are still feeling the sting from the beating Alabama gave us in the National Championship game, it was pretty funny. I have never been much of a sports loving girl, but when we bought our house, it solely became my duty to host most of our family parties, and that includes a lot of football themed gatherings. It just kind of grew on me the past 4 years, and now I actually look forward to a good game of football. Since I am one who thrives on being prepared for any event way ahead of time, I have started to sit down and plan out our next gathering- The Super Bowl Party!

I love the challenge of throwing a good party, but sometimes The Super Bowl Party tends to throw me for a loop. Do people come for the food or to actually watch the game? While my kitchen can accommodate quite a few people, I tend to find it a little overcrowded at our party. Most of the food is set up in there, but we only have a tiny 13 inch tv in there to watch the game on. People are all huddled together with their plates of food, straining their eyes to see the game. I like my guests to feel at home, so they are always more than welcome to take their plates into the living room to eat and watch the game on our large screen, but I guess people just want to be close to the food?

I have been thinking a lot about finishing our basement for these kind of occasions. It’s already halfway done, but we would need to buy furniture and look for new TVs on Then maybe find some kind of warming trays to set up on a buffet to keep the food mainly away from the kitchen to prevent crowding. I’m not sure if I would need a cooler for the beverages or if we should invest in a mini fridge? So many decisions! So, I'd like some input on how you do crowd control at your Super Bowl party. Do you have a separate room you direct everyone to and have a buffet set up in there, or do you just accept that eventually everyone will make their way to the kitchen, and suck it up?

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  1. For us, it's all about the snacks and the commercials - unless of course our beloved New England Patriots play in the game.....and then we hang on every play :)

    A few years we've had a small get together at our house, but usually it's just us and the kids. Especially since it's a school night.

  2. When me team is not playing in it (and I'm a Bengals fan so yeah...) then the food and commercials are my favorite part of the game :)

  3. We are so so so lucky when it comes to entertaining because every house in this neighborhood (that I've been in anyway) including our own, has a finished basement w/a full kitchen in it. We herd everyone downstairs and there's a ton of room plus the food too. That keeps them out of my part of the house, the main floor, and keeps my kitchen and bathrooms clean, woot!

    The PARKING is the bear here. We have a driveway that fits only six cars, one right behind the other, so getting in and out is dumb, and if people park on the lawn, the cars get stuck. -_-

  4. Have you ever used Pricegrabber? I clicked on it (our oven just went out for the 3rd time so we're in the market to just replace it) and it's interesting!

    1. I personally haven't used it, but my husband has. He really likes the site!

  5. Be nice to herd them all away, then they will stay out of the rest of the house. A new tv is great too. I'd say the food and commercials beat the game for most I know.

  6. hahahaha, Theresa! You say I am spunky. Listen to you. hahahaha. I don't do Super Bowl parties because I want to watch the game. Every time I go to a party or have a party, I end up missing the whole game. Urgh. My daughter that lives an hour and 15 away has a party and she hosts a pretty good one from what I hear. Would you believe my daughter and I are the most sport-type enthusiast in my whole family. Each of our husbands aren't. So yada yada yada. Moving on......

    (hug) to you girlfriend!!!

  7. Well, since my team is not in the Super Bowl this year (sob sob lol), you know my family are HUGE football lovers, so we're looking forward to it none-the-less. I like both to be honest. I think the game compliments the food and of course, I think the food compliments watching the game. They both go hand in hand! A good Super Bowl game paired with some tasty snacks and treats makes for an awesome day :) Those wings look really

  8. Well if it were me I'd only be coming for the food lol...although I think most people are in it for both :)

    Thanks for linking up and have a great long weekend with your girls!

  9. Well not an NFL fan here (Go Riders!) so I can weigh in too heavily. Yes we have Grey cup parties but I just don't think they are the same. Definitely not about the food!

  10. Yes, I love it. Of course most importantly the food!

  11. I think sometimes the guys maybe care about the game...they do if its there team, and then the other times I think they just like to show off their sports knowledge....I think the parties are fun...the food is always the fun fattening bad for your health stuff that is yummy on this occasion.

  12. Gosh, we don't have basements here in Texas. If I had one I would sooooo make it a party place.
    To me, it's all about the food!

  13. Food is by far the best part of the Super Bowl!!

  14. That is so funny that people flock around the food verses the large screen tv. It really is about the food for me. Especially after the Patriots game last night :(. Oh well!

  15. If I were there I definitely come for food lol.


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