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Friday, December 7, 2012

House Ready: The In-laws are Coming

When you have company coming to your home for a visit it can seem overwhelming. This is especially so for newlyweds that have their in-laws coming to their home for the first time. After you are married, either you or your spouses parents (or sometimes both) will come to visit for the first time. Keeping calm and relaxed will help you to prepare your new home for them to visit.

If your company will be staying overnight for any length of time you want to have a separate room set up for them if possible. This will help them to stay comfortable and you to relax in your own room. One tip is to go ahead and make a fresh bed up the day they are coming. You can get your linens from several different places like image textile or your local home furnishings store. The higher the thread count the softer the sheets will be. Try to avoid some fabrics like wool because some people are allergic to them. Going with your standard cotton sheets is typically best.

Make sure to stock the guest bathroom with toiletry items so that your guests do not have to ask for them. Be sure that fresh towels and wash clothes are also in the bathroom for when showers are needed. You can have a beautiful bathroom with a matching shower curtain, towels and bath accessories for fairly inexpensive. By having things accessible and easy to find your guests will relax and feel comfortable in your home.

When you are decorating your home go with what you love. You are the one who will be seeing it the most and you will be living there. You can check out some great blogs online that will help you to see how you can decorate for fairly cheap using things you may already have in your home. Showcase some of your wedding pictures or those of you as a couple. You can place picture frames on the wall or on tables around the living area.

If you are going with a certain theme in your home you can match furniture, light fixtures and even drapes together. Check out a home furnishing store in your area for some great ideas. You can also try to blend your style with your spouses or agree on one together.

No matter what your style is there is one main thing to remember when you are having your in-laws over. Relax. When you are calm and relaxed as the host your guests will be too. Enjoy the visit as a newly married couple and get ready for all the wonderful visits in the future.

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  1. Great tips,specially when there is a visitor.Thanks for sharing...

    I am your new follower via blog hop. Would love if you visit my blog…
    Have a great day!

  2. Awesome tips!

    My inlaws have never stayed the night at my house because both my parents and my inlaws live within 20 minutes of my house (thank god). My sister, who lives up north of the city (Boston) has stayed at my place a few times and I just stick her on the couch LOL.

    I do, however, go on a MAJOR cleaning spree whenever I have people over for dinners, etc. I hosted Thanksgiving and I cleaned like a fiend the day before everyone came over. It is very stressful so next time I think I am gonna save up and hire a cleaning lady :)

  3. I think these tips are great!! I will remember these for the day I have in-laws visit for the first time :)

  4. Hello! Found you VIA the Aloha Bog Hop...i'm excited to keep reading your follower :)

  5. These are great tips! It's so important to just relax and be comfortable. I always make sure to do a quick clean through of the house and make sure everything is stocked up if I know people are coming over.

  6. Having everything handy so guests don't have to ask is really great advice, especially in the bathroom!

    These are all great tips. We've never had our in-laws stay here (we've stayed there though), but my son sometimes brings his wife to stay a few days (they live out of state) and these are great tips for them too!

    Thanks for the great post.

  7. We struggled because we don't have guest room. We have an extra bed, and set it up downstairs, but they didn't want to stay down there. Another time I gave them our bed. We slept downstairs. They wouldn't have that. I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do when they come.

  8. We have never had our relative visited our home for one reason that we never stay in one place for too long. But we use to meet at our parents house so I am free of decorating and all the hassle :D My inlaws are all nice people and fun to hang out with. Only one is married the other two brothers are single (but taken) and the youngest is still in high school. Bcause everybody is so youthful I am never feeling nervous when meeting them. I can imagine you're having a full house now. Have fun dear :)

  9. My inlaws live near so they wouldn't be staying all night unless they have a problem at their house. But they would be very welcome.


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