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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Post- Western Wear

Are there any cowboys and cowgirls out there looking for a few new style ideas for your wardrobe? The unique styles of western wear remain to be popular among American cowboys and cowgirls today. There are plenty of new fashion styles trending in western apparel as western styles evolve incorporating some of today’s latest looks. Fashion designers continue to introduce new, modern, and urban styles each season providing a new western appeal. Therefore, staying abreast of the latest western fashion trends is important to your image. It is essential to remain up to date on apparel and accessories that can accommodate your wardrobe.

Everyone has that image they consistently refer to when they hear the term “cowboy”. Images created from movies and western legends such as Wyatt Earp have influenced the progression of western apparel. The history of western wear reflects traditions of the establishment of the cowboy culture in the American west. Music was a significant influence in the emergence of western styles with popular artists such as the Beetles and country music legends displaying western fashion in live performances. Overtime, western apparel evolved as fashion designers introduced new and attractive styles for both men and women. Nowadays, western wear incorporates new looks, modern styles, and edgy fashions that have reshaped the image of the American cowboy.

The historical traditions of western wear remain to be legendary in fashion today specially tailored for a distinguished group of customers. Cowboy boots, belts, denim, and hats are among popular items specifically designed for western wear. Needless to say, the cowboy fashion you use to know, has progressed over the years. Many western apparel shoppers are embracing these changes due to the unique designs of western style and all western fads has to offer. Additionally, today’s western fashions are tailored to the entire family offering an attractive appeal, comfort, and style. Western styles of today’s fashion industry are sure to give you and your family the modern look you are seeking.

Popular Styles of Western Wear

Jeans- Different styles of denim are part of the traditional western look. Today’s denim selection has significantly expanded with styles ranging from low rise, relaxed fit, slim fit, Cinch jeans skinny, and bootcut. Additionally, you can pick up these styles of denim in stonewash, dark wash, antique blue, and stonedark.


Cowboy Boots- Top designers of cowboy boots are continuously introducing new designs, patterns, and fashions each season. Nocona, Justin, Corral, Laredo, and Ariat have a variety of boot designs using square, round, snip, and traditional toe styles.

Cowboy Hats- Many fashion designers have infused modern designs into the traditional cowboy hat giving it a stylish look. Felt, leather, straw, and canvas cowboy hats with the braided band are some of the popular choices in cowboy hats today. Trending styles are available in modern browns, blacks, ivory, and tan.

Colors/Patterns- Turquoise, rhinestones, and crystals are popular stones of western wear. Stones of western wear create a unique look that can be seen in belts, jewelry, and many other accessories. Other themes in western apparel are plaid, embroidery, and floral prints.

Accessories- Finding the right accessories to accommodate any outfit are sure to keep you looking good. Another advantage accessories bring is its versatility. Many accessories can be used to dress up an outfit or can be worn in a casual fashion. Belts, belt buckles, cuff links, bolo ties, and scarves are western apparel favorites.

Enhance your image with some of the latest top favorites of western apparel and keep the traditions of the great southwest alive by herding in some trending fashion ideas.

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  1. Great ideas. I will make sure to refer back to this post when the kids have Western Days. Thanks!

  2. Well for sure, some western wear is fun and I have not had any since the cowboy boots I had at age 4! I saw some great styles when I went to a rodeo last summer.

  3. I have a pair of gorgeous fringed cowboy boots in the closet that I haven't worn in years, in fact, I forgot I had them. It may be time to pull them out. Thanks for the nudge, and the guest post!

  4. I'd love to get myself a REAL pair of boots and a great hat...I love your list and for sure am a cowgal at heart--just got stuck liven in the city and only can visit the ranch my brother was lucky enough to marry into =)

  5. Great ideas! This is my typical wear and you have it down pat :) Love the new boot styles from Justin and Tony Lama, too.

  6. Thanks for the great ideas!...(whoever the mystery guest poster is...hehe). Will definitely keep this in mind if I ever feel the need to go Western! Western wear is so much more modern now a days and there's so many fun accessories!! :)

  7. I am typically not into western wear... but I would love a pair of cowboy boots for fun. I just don't want to spend a ton either. Suggestions?

    1. Gina, I have found some cute, yet inexpensive items at If you can't find anything there to fit your budget, try your local thrift stores or even eBay!

  8. I used to LOVE my western wear back in the early 90's. Now? The pants make my bootie look lopsided. But I'm still a fan of the scarfs and bolo ties :)

  9. I love western wear. Thanks for the pointers!

  10. Loved reading your article on western wear... really funny too...because I just found out that our Christmas party at church will be a cowboy theme! LOL!!! Grace, peace and blessings, Carla


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