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Friday, June 1, 2012

Letter To My Daughter

Dear Daughter,

It is hard to believe that tomorrow you will be a teenager. It seems like yesterday we were celebrating your birth. Now look at you, almost a grown lady. This is such an exciting time in your life, but also the most difficult years to navigate. While I know that sometimes you think I know nothing, I would like to share a little advice with you that I hope makes getting through these teen years just a bit easier.

Don't be afraid to be silly. Life is much better with laughter.
Be kind, but don't let anyone walk all over you.
Give more. It makes you feel good to help others.
Don't cuss. It will make you look ugly.
Those popular girls don't want to be your friend? It's their loss. I promise that in 5 years when you graduate, you won't give them a second thought.
It's no fun when your crush doesn't like you back, but when you are 30 and run into them, you will wonder what the appeal was back then. Then you will be thankful for unanswered prayers because you really dodged a bullet with that one!
Don't be afraid to say no.
If you don't think that I am ruining your life at some point because I don't let you do what you want, then I am not doing my job right.
Go to school dances, even if you don't have a date.
Take risks and try new things every chance you get.
Be nice to your sister. She will be your best friend someday.
Its ok to make mistakes. Just own the ones you do make. Nobody likes a coward.
Not everyone will like you. That's ok too.
Make decisions that you feel good about, even if they are hard and others don't agree with them. As long as you do what you feel is right, you will sleep just fine.
Smile more. It makes your face glow.
Always, always, always remember that you are loved.

Happy Birthday!

                                yes, I stole this from your facebook page :)


  1. AWWW!! How incredibly sweet, I teared up! (ya, I'm an easy sap hehe). Great advice for her, I really like the one about running into a crush years later and realizing you "dodged a bullet" LOL...that's SO true! Happy Birthday tomorrow to your beautiful Mariah! :)

  2. Love it! And it's all so very true :)

    New GFC follower from the weekend blog hop. Have a great weekend :)

  3. Happy birthday to Mariah :) Awesome list!!


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