Theresa's Mixed Nuts: WW Enjoying A Banana Split

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WW Enjoying A Banana Split

Allison is not old enough to spend the night at her friends, so when Mariah gets to, we usually treat Allison to something fun and text pictures back to Mariah. (Don't worry, she knows it's all in good fun and is a good sport about it!) Here is our latest:


  1. Hey there! Thanks for visiting and linking up with me on the perfect line. Returning the favor and following you via GFC :)

  2. Cute pictures, I miss to eat banana split! It seems she Enjoy that day so much!

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  3. Hey! Is your gfc messed up dear, or is it private? I was trying to track your growth for Locomotion of Giving, but haven't really been able to.
    Get back to me on my Facebook wall.. I likely won't notice a reply here. Thanks. XO


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