Theresa's Mixed Nuts: I am thankful to all you teachers this year!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am thankful to all you teachers this year!

It’s that time of year again where we start thinking of all we are thankful for. So I sat here this past week trying to think of something other than the normal- health, family, friends, ect. Now, I am very thankful for those things, but as I sat here last week trying to help Allison with her homework, I thought of something I completely overlook as being thankful for- her teacher! Mariah has always gotten straight A’s. I guess I figured stuff would come as easily to Allison as it does her, but I was so wrong! It is a daily struggle for me to help her with her homework without losing my mind. Here is a sample of what we go through on a daily basis:

Homework- Jack has 5 beans. Jill has 3 beans. How many more beans does Jack have than Jill?
Allison has 8.
Me- “Allison, this is not right. Why do you have 8?”
Allison- “Oh yeah, sorry, it’s 11.”
Me- “Huh? How’d you get that?”
Allison- “Just kidding. I know. It’s 4".
Me- “Can you tell me why you think it’s 4.”
Allison- “Because it is.”
Me- “Can you show me why?”
Allison- “No, it just is what it is.”
Me- “Well, I think you should take another look.”
Allison- “I don’t know. 9.”
Me- Thinking she is now just saying numbers hoping she gets it right, am getting frustrated. “Please show me how you got 9.”
Allison- “Oh, I get it now. It’s 2.”
Me- Finally thinks the light bulb has finally flicked on. “Yeah, good job. Let’s do it for the next one you got wrong too.”
Allison- “I don’t get it. That one’s right.” (It’s not.)
Me- Now I’m to the point where I want to ball up her homework, throw her bag out into the snow, grit my teeth and tell her have her dad explain it to her.

If you are a teacher, you have my utmost gratitude for dealing with 20+ students a day. I have a difficult enough time with my one. I don’t know how you do it day in and day out and keep your sanity, but Thank You!

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